Roadtest: Epson ET-2550 EcoTank

Epson EcoTank

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At our house I think we go through a tree a week in printing.

Ok not really… but with two teenagers and me working from home we do print a lot. There are assignments, school notes, work documents and random things my three-year-old prints on a whim- just because she can!

For the past few years we have been operating on a $10 printer from Officeworks, with ink that costs be a mortgage payment to purchase! It’s so unaffordable that the printer has been without ink for a few months and we are all sneaking upstairs to use my sister’s printer. Shhh…! So when we were offered the chance to review the new Epson ET-2550 EcoTank I was willing to give it a red hot go!

So I’ve had the Epson ET-2550 EcoTank for a few days and here is what I love so far…

The ink! The biggest selling feature of the Epson ET-2550 is that the ink lasts for two years, rather than 2 months like my current one. The reason for this is that the Epson ET-2550 doesn’t have ink cartridges like most printers. Instead it has a tank on the side of the printer that you fill with ink. The ink refills come in bottles that you pour in. They come in black, blue, pink and yellow and the refills only cost $16- winning! They tell me it will print 4000+ in black and 6500 in coloured ink. I look forward to putting it to the test!

Epson EcoTank

The WIFI capabilities- in our house we have four iPhones, three iPads, two Mac laptops and a Mac desktop (a lot- I know!) Previously we had the one printer connected to the desktop and it is the computer that is used the least in the house. Everyone had to email their documents to themselves and then login on the desktop to print what they need.

I split my work between my laptop and my phone- and I never sit at a desk (I know I should but the couch is just so much better!) I open most of my emails on my phone as I deal with Tully around the house and then I sit at the laptop to deal with the important ones. I get frequent emails with permission slips and things I need to do for school and these are the ones that ALWAYS get overlooked because I read them but I forget to sit at the desktop and print them later on. Now, with the new printer, I can print straight from my phone as soon as I read them. My daughter can also print her assignments and homework straight from her school iPad, which is making the morning rush a lot less stressful!

The most disturbing thing is sitting in the lounge on my own and hearing the printer start printing because someone sent a document from somewhere in the house- freaky! 😉

So what else do you need to know about the printer? Well it also has a scanner and photocopier to make life easy (I do a LOT of scanning!) and it was also pretty easy to set up. You do have to be a bit tech savvy to set it up so just be aware, but the control panel is pretty intuitive and simple to use, so I managed to do it all on my own, with no husband help!

This is the printer for families that require quick, easy printing solutions from multiple devices. It’s perfect for families with school aged children that have a lot of printing to do and really resent having to replace ink cartridges on an ongoing basis.

 To find out more visit the EcoTank website.


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