The Evolution of TV with Seebo Maxx


I confess- I’m addicted to TV! I’d like to blame my past life as a TV publicist but really it began long before that. I can’t get enough of all the shows. I have a secret love of all teen dramas, as well as all HBO and Showcase dramas. My pet hate is having to wait until they are shown here in Australia- sometimes 6 months or more after they are shown in the US. I watch a lot on my laptop online but it’s annoying because I’m a multitasker- I can’t just watch TV,  I need to work at the same time!

Enter Seebo Maxx! Seebo Maxx gives you the opportunity to bring everything on the internet to your TV screen. As well as free to air channels that can be paused and recorded, Seebo Maxx gives you the opportunity to access everything on the internet. You can watch catch up channels such as 7 Plus, iView and more. You can watch Youtube and other internet channels, as well as stream music, use apps and play games.

SeeboSeebo Maxx enhances your TV experience by giving you the opportunity  to send TV programs to friends on the Seebo network. You can also connect all your Apple and Android devices to the Seebo Maxx box- giving you the option to screen downloaded content and home video to your TV screen.

Another thing I love? That each family member can have their own profile- with their favourite channels and programs saved. No longer to I need to scroll through endless Disney Channel programs on my planner- a win for all!

So if you are looking for a more streamlined, accessible way to get your entertainment fix check out

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