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Exploring our Passions!


This post exploring our passions is sponsored by Uncle Toby’s

Four and a half is such a cute age, I can really see Tully growing and learning new things every day. It’s funny to watch her move in cycles about what she is passionate about. A few months ago it was playdough and princesses, then we moved to My Little Pony, and at the moment it’s drawing/ colouring or painting. Every day she makes us print out new pictures to colour and she is getting so good! She’s such a perfectionist and has been working hard to stay in the lines as she colours and paints. She loves creating pictures that reflect her life.

I love watching her as she makes sense of the world and her place in it through drawings. She also loves practising writing and constantly wants to know how to spell things. She is growing and developing so fast at the moment and every day it’s new words and phrases and new ideas.

Chasing our passions!

When Uncle Toby’s asked me if I’d like to take part in celebrating Australia’s passions with Tully I was all for it. After chatting with the team about Tully’s passion they sent us to Jenny’s Painted Pots in Avalon. This gorgeous painting studio was way beyond the normal ‘plaster painting’ you find at fetes and markets, where you paint a $5 plaster mould with acrylic paints and take it home. Jenny’s Painted Pots provides real pottery paints to paint with, then they glaze it and put it in the kiln so that it’s a real keepsake.

Tully was in her element! She chose a lion to paint and I’ve never seen her so dedicated to a task! She sat and painted her lion for well over an hour, making sure he was absolutely perfect. Selecting exactly the right paint and the perfect sized paintbrush for every part of him. She was absolutely entranced. It was so lovely watching her get so involved in her project, meanwhile, I was relegated to wiping off any mistakes with a wet sponge.

As you can see below, she loved every minute of it!

uncle-tobys passions

For more information on the campaign visit www.uncletobys.com.au/energyfeedsyourpassion


17 thoughts on “Exploring our Passions!

  1. Jennifer B.

    Heating glass to 800o is pretty awesome!… I love fusing and slumping glass into decorative platters and bowls!
    #dowhatyoulove #UncleTobys

  2. DIANA

    I love to bake, kneading dough gives me such pleasure it’s really hard to put into words the bliss I am in when I bake.

  3. Debbie Jones

    I love to cook, I don’t mind what I cook, cakes, deserts, main courses, anything that makes my family smile.

  4. Sonya

    I love collecting jasmine and putting it in my car and house and handbag to make everywhere smell so deliciously like spring!

  5. Lara Daebritz

    I love pulling weeds from my vege patch …it’s a really satisfying feeling to look at a perfectly weeded garden!!!

  6. blake haugen

    I love crafting with my children. Painting, colouring, moulding, gluing. It lets our creative juices flow and its so much fun.

  7. Jane Heath

    I love to find useful creative ways to turn something plain into something spectacular, I’am forever learning, keeping me upbeat and forever loving this passion.


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