Fake it til you make it: look like a professional blogger from the start

look like a professional blogger

Some people blog for fun, others want to start a business with their blogs. If this is you then when you start a blog there are a number of steps you can take to make yourself look like a professional blogger from the very beginning. By doing these from the start you won’t need to make over your blog down the track and it will make you look like you know what you are doing.

After five years of trying and testing, here are my ways to look like a professional blogger from the start:

Use WordPress.org

For me, WordPress is where you want to be. It has everything you need and is so easy to use. But don’t waste your time starting with the .com version if you are looking to have this as a business. It doesn’t support ads, plugins and loads of other things. You are better off starting on the .org platform from the very beginning. I made this mistake and it means then transferring everything from one site to another. It was annoying and unnecessary. You can also use Blogger but I know niothing about that platform. Avoid WIX and other things like that- WordPress and Blogger are the two biggest and they are the most supported.

Register a business and domain name

Make sure the domain name you want is available before you choose and register your business name. You don’t want to be making changes down the track or having a domain that doesn’t match your name. It’s bad for your branding and your SEO. Make sure you check for any trademarks as well. You really don’t want yourblog.wordpress.com or yourblog.blogspot.com. Also, make sure you register domain names that are similar to yours so that no one copies you with something so close.

Have an email address with your domain name

Nothing looks more unprofessional than having yourblog@gmail.com as your email address. You can either set an email up through your host or what I recommend, which is set up a business account with Gmail. I love this because you can access it anywhere like a regular Gmail account but it’s all with your domain. This is also the account you’ll use with your Google Analytics.

Have a Work with Me page

As a professional blogger, f you want to work with brands then they need to know how to reach you. Have a page about you, your blog, your interests and what you write about and then have your email address (not a form) available on this page so you are easy to contact. Nothing puts brands off more than you being uncontactable.

Align your social media

Professional bloggers need business social media accounts. Have a blog instagram (not your personal one), blog facebook page, Pinterest, whatever you are into. Don’t be using your personal pages as blog pages.

Once you have set these up make sure you have your blog link and your contact details clearly displayed as well.

Use great photographs

Blogs are a visual medium as well as a written one and it’s important that your photographs are of a good standard. No grainy, crappy pics of the kids or badly lit shots of the product. I learned this the hard way. I’m not naturally a visual person so it took me a long time to learn what a good picture looks like. I had some solid lessons from a friend who is a photographer and I still send her pics for approval and advice. So if you have a photographer friend hit them up for some tips.

You want natural lighting, so take it near a window, not with the lights on. Get some MDF boards and paint or contact them to use as boards to photograph on or as backdrops. Below is my favourite board at the moment. I just use the $3 contact from Kmart on an MDF board and it looks like a table.

If you aren’t great at photographs, don’t be afraid of stock photos. Canva is what I use for all my graphic design. Images are either free or $1 for a single use license and they have thousands to choose from. You can also by stock photos from Etsy and there are free photos available on sites. Two of my favourites are Unsplash and Pixabay.

I mainly use my iPhone for photos as I have the iPhone X and its camera is great. It doesn’t matter if you have an SLR or just a phone, as long as your photos are clear, clean and well lit. I edit my photos on Colour Story app on my phone but people also love VSCO.

Have a blog style guide

This is something I just didn’t get at first. I used whatever sized photos etc. But it’s really important for your blog to be consistent. Each of my blog posts has a header image and these are made in Canva. I use the facebook app template because then when I post to facebook, the photos fit properly.

Have your fonts and colours too. If you get a Canva business subscription (about $12 a month) you can upload your own fonts and save your blog colours which makes this so easy when you are trying to look consistent.

Hopefully, these tips help you start off your blog on the right foot so you don’t have to redo your blog several times like I did! There’s nothing worse than looking back at those early posts and thinking, “what was I even doing?”.

Good luck on your quest to be a professional blogger and let me know if you have any questions!

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