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My teenagers love a family games night so when I was offered two new board games I jumped at the chance to try out some new games (as I am mind numbingly bored of playing the same ones over and over!)

First up was Googly Eyes! Basically Googly Eyes is a spin on the old favourite, Pictionary, but with a twist! You divide into pairs and each team competes against each other, only this time you have to wear glasses with distorting lenses while you draw. There are three lens strengths, moving from a little blurry to outright unable to see!

DSC_0332 (1)

My husband is hugely competitive and this led to quite the the battle on paper. It was girls vs boys in the ultimate draw off- with the promise of a Cadbury Marvellous Creations as the ultimate prize! There was panic and frustration as scribbles drawn through blurry glasses were incorrectly interpreted (“What do you mean that’s an ice rink?!!! That’s not how your draw and ice rink!!”)


The game becomes more tense the further you go- with the lens strength getting stronger and the pressure on. Depending on the number you roll you have anywhere from 15-45 seconds to draw and decipher the image- which leads to a lot of yelling!


Be warned that this game can take quite a while- the board is long and all the drawing, arguing and yelling makes it even longer! Our round ended with the boys declaring a narrow victory (and claiming the chocolate bar!) but we will soon be staging a rematch! (with a bag of Starburst Babies to the victors!)

Googly Eyes RRP $30 and us available at all major shops- for more information visit

Next up we will be telling you about Fibber!

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