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Road Test: Fantastic Gymnastics from Hasbro

fantastic gymnastics

When we were asked by Hasbro to check out their new game, Fantastic Gymnastics, we thought what better way to road test it than with our real mum reviewers. Fantastic Gymnastics is recommended for kids aged 8+ so we found two mums with 8-9-year-old girls to see if they could take on the Fantastic Gymnastics game challenge!

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What Amber had to say about Fantastic Gymnastics…

Fantastic Gymnastics

My daughter is 9 and she loves gymnastics. She is constantly cartwheeling around the house and doing handstands against every spare wall she can find. When she isn’t at a cheerleading school holiday camp I am always looking for something else to keep her occupied that doesn’t involve screens!

Fantastic Gymnastics is a game that is as fun to play as it is to watch and you’ll definitely want to give it a try for yourself.

The aim of Fantastic Gymnastics is to stick the perfect landing with your gymnast figurine. To achieve the perfect landing you need to perfectly time your speed and rhythm whilst you press the yellow button and be ready to hit the red button to send the gymnast flying! You then wait with baited breath to see if the gymnast will stick the landing on the Velcro mat. The Velcro mat also has different scores on it, which corresponds to a point system.

It takes a fair bit of practice to get the gymnast swinging at a good pace. We learned that the trick is to get progressively faster when pressing the yellow button and use the momentum of the gymnast to get him swinging over and around the bar. It takes even more practice to press the red button at exactly the right time in order to get the gymnast to actually stick a landing! The girls were determined to master this game and played for hours.

What Annie had to say about Fantastic Gymnastics…

Fantastic Gymnastics

My kids and their friends had an absolute blast playing this game. They were super excited to be able to play it together with their friends, after having a bit too much solo iPad time these holidays.

Fantastic Gymnastics takes time to master (that’s part of the appeal for parents!) but once they had it, there was no stopping them. Screams of delight and screams of frustration fell over the house as they challenged each other to be the best gymnast. It definitely appealed to their competitive spirit. We all enjoyed it and it kept them entertained for hours, while the mums got a bit of peace and quiet out on the deck!

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Here are some simple tips on how to play:

Becoming a champion gymnast takes great skill, focus, a lot of practice and a few tips from the pros:
Step 1: Place the gymnast by snapping his hand onto the high bar, facing the landing mat

Step 2: Press the yellow button slowly, and then faster as the gymnast picks up speed (rhythm is key!)

Step 3: Press and hold the red button to release the gymnast and send him flying Finally, keep

Step 4: Finally, keep practising- you’ll get it!

The Fantastic Gymnastics Game is available now at Big W, Toys R Us, Myer and independent toy stores. It is for one or more players, ages 8+ at an approximate retail price of $39.99.


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