Stuff Mums Like: Our Favourite Boots This Season!


It’s Autumn, which means it’s time to get our Boot Shopping on! Once again this season sees us being bombarded with a never ending array of buckles, studs and it seems that the fringe is back. And although I’d love to indulge my inner Kardashian and fluff around at school pick up showing off my absolutely FAB Suede Fringe Boots that Pocahontas would be damn proud of, I do need to reign it in a little and look for a boot that is elegantly chic yet practical – in other words it needs to survive lots of mud, scuffs and plenty of walking.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a little list of cute Boots that are currently on my Wish List (and I’ve released this post just in time for you to forward it to hubby for Mother’s Day Gift Inspo *wink wink*):



Starting off with with this affordable pair (ie: won’t break the bank) of Holly Over The Knee Boots in Tan. You almost – ALMOST – don’t have to wear pants with these because they pretty much take up your whole leg! But I don’t want to encourage a new trend at school pick up so I will state that these would look amazing with a pair of skinny jeans nicely tucked in (in other words – ignore me and please wear pants!).

The thicker heel means they will be more stable when having to run after your toddler when they see a cute butterfly and that means less stress on the ball of your foot. Also the gusset along the back means that you can adjust according to comfort. SCORE!


Now I have to admit, I am a huge fan of Suede, Buckles and thicker heels and this ticks all those boxes for me, as well as being super affordable. The Hello Harness Boot can be worn dressed up or down and again the thicker heel means more comfort for you without having to sacrifice the heel height. #hellosexycalves

Shop Rubi Boots Here



These are super cute! Hello sexy heel! Are they practical? Yes! Can I wear them with my Autumn Mum Uniform of Skinny Jeans and Chunky Knit? HELL YES! I am loving everything about this style. They are chic, elegant, comfy and understated, and pretty much go with everything in my wardrobe – yes including my PJs.

The Suede look material means they are super comfy and conform to your leg and foot quite nicely, and although the heel is thinner, it is still sturdy enough for everyday wear. Hello Coles Shopping in my sexy new boots!


Looking for a boot to slip on easily with one child running out the door and the other holding on for dear life like a baby koala, and you left with no hands? Well these are just the type of boots we need! A cute ankle boot with a bit of a chunky heel and a zip on the side, the Sandi Boot is the perfect look to add as a staple to your everyday wardrobe.

Shop Boots at Target Here



I always make sure I have a pair of black ankle boots as a staple in my shoe collection for the colder months, and the Vanessa Boot is on my Must Have list for this year. Absolutely loving how cute these are – and the fact I can still look fab while I’m adulting #winningatlife


How can you go past a cute camel coloured ankle boot that you can throw on with a cut maxi, a pair of skinny jeans or a cute dress and tights?! Such a versatile style, you’ll be rocking these all season and well into spring! You can run marathons in these heels.

Shop Frankie4 Boots Here

Country Road


You can’t go wrong with an over the knee boot! The Tilda has the thicker heel for those long hikes to school when you haven’t managed to find a parking space closer than three blocks away, comfy oval round toe, with a gusset along the back for those of us who lift #doyoueven? It can be worn over the knee or folded down and looks cute either way.


Tassels! I love a subtle classy tassel! These cute middies again have the perfect combination of style, comfort and practicality. Easy to chuck on and run out the door with. If you don’t have time to accessories these little babies will do it all for you with the tassel tie on the side.

Shop Country Road Boots Here



Sometimes you want an over the knee boot with only a slight heel, and this is definitely one of the nicest pairs I’ve seen this season – and I’ve been looking! A classic and elegant pair of over the knee boots, although it does have a smaller heel the nicely rounded almond toe prevents it from looking chunky and clunky and they would look fab with pretty much anything in your wardrobe.


Leather and buckles and studs – oh my! The Violet Boot incorporates all my favourite things but in such a subtle way they look amazing on! Love love love these middy boots!

Shop Witchery Boots Here


hunter1 pony

Now I couldn’t write a post on boots without mentioning these babies! So for those out there who have started attending weekend sporting events with the kidlets, slosh through the mud at your little one’s soccer game, jump in muddy puddles like Peppa Pig – well these are for you! Hunter makes THE CUTEST all weather boots and I am absolutely loving this seasons styles.

You absolutely must pop on over to to check out this seasons offerings. And for our peeps in SA – check out Pony @that_pony_shop – they are the biggest retailer of Hunter Boots in the state and when Jess recently popped in they had so many to choose from!

Happy Shopping!

Lyns x

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