Feeling Young with Reid Cycles


I was so excited to collect my watermelon 7 speed lite bike from Reid Cycles!

As soon as I got it home I booked in my girlfriends for a chai date before kindy pick up.  I’m the owner of a massive 4WD. It’s bulky. It’s loud and it’s not relaxing. So having my gorgeous bike is a great excuse to take 5 and escape without the kiddies.

I will admit it. I call exercise spending an hour with my Dyson and that gym membership I own shall not be renewed this year due to non-attendance. The reason I have never owned a bike is because I’m more of a tour de Westfield girl than the France cycling kind.

It’s freezing in Sydney and you won’t catch me in gym gear in public so I whacked on some autumn attire and took off on my new bike.

Before I met up with the girls I took the bike for a spin around the beachfront.  For 20 minutes I was 18 not 33! So much fun, easy to ride as it’s been around 13 years from I last owned a bike, it also help that it’s sooooo pretty.


It was so much fun rocking up at the local cafe to meet my girlfriends! The staff all noticed the bike and it got a few compliments!

I can’t wait for kindy day next Wednesday to do it all over again!!!


If you are starting on your Christmas list and want to get a rocking gift then it’s time to drop hints for one of these amazing bikes…

Any excuse for a treat! Birthdays, Christmas, valentines, Mother’s Day or JUST BECAUSE you deserve it!!!

Reid Cycles is currently holding a MASSIVE warehouse sale so now’s the time to pick yourself up one of these gorgeous bikes for under $300!

Visit www.reidcycles.com.au

Thank you Reid Cycles for the bike and making me feel young again!!

2 thoughts on “Feeling Young with Reid Cycles

  1. Genevieve. Dannock

    I would love to own this bike in pink. I would love to feel the wind in my hair as I pedal along to my hearts content. It would be like reliving my carefree childhood all over again !

  2. Britt H.

    Lovely post and amazing bike!!

    I’m just wondering, if it’s not too personal, how tall you are and what size bike you choose? I’m wanting to purchase one but am stuck on choosing a size as I’m in between sizes at 165cm.


    Britt H.


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