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Last weekend we were lucky enough to be treated to an advanced screening of the new Pixar film Finding Dory ! It’s been 13 years since Finding Nemo was released so this sequel has been a long time coming… and well worth the wait!

It seems like only yesterday I took my two and four-year-old to see Finding Nemo and now they are 15 and 17! Time flies when you measure it against your kids’ growing up. This time around I have another four-year-old to take along and I got to introduce Tully to Nemo, Marlin and Dory on the big screen! Finding Nemo is a firm DVD favourite in our house and the excitement has been building (primarily thanks to Tully’s YouTube addiction!)

So… was it worth waiting for and all this fuss? YES! 100% yes. I may go as far as to say I enjoyed it even more that the original. There are fantastic and hilarious new characters such as Destiny the whale shark (Tully’s favourite), voiced by Kaitlin Olsen, and Bailey the beluga whale and Hank the octopus, who are voiced by Modern Family stars Ty Burrell and Ed O’Neill. Idris Elba as a sea lion was definitely a favourite for me.

Finding-Dory -Fluke-Rudder-Screencap-Pixar-Post

finding dory

Pixar does what they do best. you’ll laugh until you realize you’re actually shedding a little tear as well (I for one can’t sit through Toy Story 3 without becoming a sobbing mess!)

Here are a few questions you might want answered before you see it:

Is it scary? No, not really. There are a few moment of tension but all in all, it’s pretty tame in that aspect. Definitely more funny than scary.

What age does it suit? I took Tully who is 4, my nephew Mylo who is 2 and my 15-year-old and they all loved it equally. It was Mylo’s first film and he was good as gold the whole way through. He even wore his 3D glasses!

Are all our favourite characters back? We see Marlin, Nemo, Dory, Mr Ray and the turtles plus meet a bunch of hilarious new friends!

3D or 2D? If you are going with little kids I would stay stick with 2D. Tully watched the whole thing a bit blurry because she wouldn’t wear the glasses. If the kids are a bit older the 3D experience is very impressive. It’s like your part of the underwater adventure!

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Finding Dory is now on in cinemas nationally. For more information visit http://movies.disney.com.au/finding-dory

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9 thoughts on “Out and About- Finding Dory preview

  1. Ali

    After parenting for 20 years, Finding Nemo is my favourite kids film of all time. My eldest at 2, and my youngest at almost 2 plus those in between are all dying to see this: how many movies have that much diversity?

  2. Helen Sahin

    Dory is a wonderful blue and yellow fish that has nothing bad to say about anyone or anything .. She is a beautiful creature that God has created for us all to love .. And admire.. Love her positive out look on life .. It’s all positive … All the way no matter what life hits her with ! She is non judgement and for most loves life for what it is ..

  3. Michelle

    As a mum of three girls aged 11 years and under
    We’ve seen Finding Nemo A LOT, is it any wonder?!
    So this long anticipated Finding Dory flick
    Will no doubt receive from us a really big tick
    With its colourful characters and great storyline too
    This is one animated classic we can’t wait to view!

  4. Hamir

    Finding Nemo was so funny with Dory,
    so talkative and short lived memory.
    how funny it would be with a lost dory,
    can’t wait to watch the movie ….
    sure it will be extraordinary.

  5. Rachael @fit_fab_forty

    Master 2 has recently discovered Finding Nemo and is obsessed. He chatters away through the movie pointing out characters and their names. His sister Miss 6 loves that he loves it as she gets to love it al over again.

  6. Christial

    Thirteen years.. THIRTEEN WHOLE YEARS! I’ve been waiting for a sequel to Finding Nemo! In this time, I gave up on crazy nights, met my (now) husband, started a family, aged ever so slightly and watched Finding Nemo (only) about 13 million times! I’ve been hanging off the edge of my seat ever since I heard about Finding Dory… If I wait any longer I think the seat would break!

  7. dreamdream936

    Whenever my 3 year old looks at the advertising of “Finding Dory ” or whenever she spots “Finding dory” inspired clothes and books in the mall , her whole face lights up , i can see the excitement in her eyes and in her heart – this is the reason why i can’t wait to watch Finding Dory . I just want to see a happy ,smiling child who is full of excitement while we are watching the movie in the cinema.

  8. Melissa

    I can’t wait to see Finding Dory because we are planning to see it on the school holidays with my parents. It’s going to be a day of fun with 3 generations, my children, me and grandma and Pop. I remember years ago seeing Nemo with my parents and my grandpa one school holidays which brought together 3 generations as well. Having a laugh with loved ones makes the experience a happy one and the memories will always be. I have brought some fish cookie cutters so the kids are very excited to be making some Dory cookies. No doubt there will be bright blue icing everywhere which is all part of the fun. Watch out Dory here out family come!

  9. Charlotte S

    Finding Nemo made such a splash in our house, we’ve been waiting to “sea” Dory for years!!!! Nemo taught us to be adventurous, overcome our fears and to never give up on family, so we can’t wait to see what we have to learn from Dory 🙂

    Thanks for the chance, we are beyond excited about this film!!!!


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