Christmas leftovers

Five ways you can use your Christmas leftovers

Christmas leftovers

We have partnered with Woolworths to help you use up your Christmas leftovers

There is so much food at Christmas! Despite every year swearing that next year will be different we always end up with so many leftovers. This year we hosted 22 people for Christmas lunch- and we still have SO.MUCH.FOOD!

Did you know that, in Australia, we throw out $8-10 billion worth of food every year? Christmas is when we all eat (and throw out) the most food, so, what do we do with all these leftovers? Woolworths Food Savers is all about helping us reduce waste and make the most out of the food we buy. Here are 5 ways you can use your Christmas leftovers and make it the meal that keeps on giving!

Bubble and Squeak

Christmas leftovers

This is my personal way to use up the leftovers. Gather together your leftover turkey and all your roast veggies and fry them together in a big pan with some oil. I throw in some peas and green veggies as well and it makes a big pot. It’s great for a quick dinner on Boxing Day when no one can be bothered cooking.

Cold meats, cheese and bread for lunch

Christmas leftovers

Use your leftovers to have a ‘French lunch/dinner’ as well call it at our place. Put all the left-over meats and cheeses on a big board with some fresh meats and salad and everyone helps themselves. It’s just like ordering a ploughman’s lunch!

Make Pizzas

Christmas leftovers

All those leftovers lend themselves to some great pizza toppings! Let the family make their own so you aren’t dealing with the fussy eaters. You can use your meats, seafood, cheeses- they all work perfectly. Roast pumpkin and prawn pizza anyone?

Frozen fruit ice cream

Christmas leftovers

If you are left with a lot of fruit, pop it in the freezer overnight. Then whizz it up in your food processor for a healthy frozen fruit ice cream. This works well for berries, bananas and mangoes.


Christmas leftovers

Your left-overs can be made into a variety of salads, with just the help of some pasta, couscous or lettuce. Combine your veggies with couscous, add your left-over ham to a creamy pasta sauce, turn your turkey into a Caesar salad or throw your cold cut meats into a salad with some lettuce, tomato and carrots.

What’re your favourite ways to use your Christmas leftovers?

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