Fly Babee to the Rescue!

Baby won't sleep when travelling? Fly Babee

                         This post is sponsored by Fly Babee but all opinions are the reviewers own

Have you heard of the Fly Babee yet? It’s the hottest new sleep (and travel) accessory for babies on the market. It was featured on the latest season of Shark Tank (Network TEN) where it was picked up to invest in by Boost Juice creator Janine Allis.

Fly Babee is an ingenious invention; it is a breathable cover that blocks out 97% of light and clips over the bassinet on the plane. It is super lightweight and also doubles as a pram cover.

We decided to put Fly Babee to the test and sent it away with two different families to see how it went. We sent it with Kathy and her husband Gareth, who have 5-month-old baby Chase, and with our regular contributor Sara, her husband Daniel and 14-month-old Mylo.

Here’s what they had to say:


Recently we headed to Fiji for my sister’s wedding. As a first time baby flyer we were nervous to say the least. Before the flight I was thinking if he missed one sleep it wouldn’t be a big deal, but the night before I was dreading that happening. It had never happened before and arriving at our tropical destination with a screaming over tired baby was not my idea of fun!

I shouldn’t have worried. The Fly Babee meant we could turn day to night wherever we were; on the plane, by the pool, at the wedding, out for dinner, our little man did not miss a sleep our whole 6 days away and we took him every where we went. The Fly Babee was super easy to use, it just popped open and just twisted back into the bag, it was easy to clip to the pram and plane bassinet, it was never too hot under the cover, and it provided access to bub from every side.

Fly Babee

Everywhere we went we got comments. Particularly from envious parents on the flight as bub slept through over half of our total flying time. The biggest win with Fly Babee was on the return – we managed to get him out of his bassinet under the Fly Babee and strapped to my lap for landing without waking him, then getting him into the travel pram while still on the plane once we had landed, popping the Fly Babee cover onto the pram, getting him off the plane, through duty free, through customs, baggage collection AND security without waking him. I can’t imagine what our holiday would have been like without it!


Mylo is the type of baby that loves his routine. He sleeps in his own cot, in his own room where it is dark. Now this is great for me as I have an independent little soul who loves to sleep and doesn’t give me too much trouble. However I hadn’t yet taken him on an aeroplane and I was a little nervous about how I was going to get him to sleep with all the excitement and action going on around him.

We were only flying to Fiji which is a measly 3.5 hours… nothing like the amazing mummas who fly to the other side of the world!  As soon as the seatbelt sign switched off we put Mylo into his sleeping bag, gave him his lamby and popped the Fly Babee over the top of the bassinet. It was really easy to attach to the airline bassinet – it pops open and with 2 clips, simply attaches onto the bassinet. It also has elastic on either end ensuring a snug, safe fit. There is a little flap at the end, which was great as I was able to put my arm through and give him a few quick pats on the chest and he went straight to sleep and stayed that way for the rest of the flight. Sleeping baby? Happy Mama!!

I have no idea how we would have got Mylo to sleep in the bassinet without Fly Babee – the airline bassinets are right underneath the lavatory/exit/reading lights, and right near the toilets, so there was plenty of activity going on around him, and enough lights for him to think it was always playtime! Not only did we manage to keep Mylo on his routine (which HE loves!) but it meant a stress-free flight for us.

Fly Babee

Once we were at the resort, we weren’t limited by Mylo’s routine… we’d simply clip Fly Babee over the stroller and he could have his sleep distraction-free. If you’re that way inclined, you could go for a walk knowing that bub was safe as Fly Babee has a Sun Protection Factor of 50 – but I preferred to let him sleep next to me… pool-side…

Overall the Fly Babee is a great sleep and travel accessory and invaluable for long haul flights. It retails at under $100 and it definitely helps to give your a baby a calm and secure place to sleep without distraction!

Fly Babee Sleep Easy cover is the best blackout stroller cover on the market. It also attaches to airline bassinets to help make flying with babies easy! Fly Babee is lightweight, easy to travel with, 100% breathable, blocks over 90% of light, provides good sun protection and is universal to most airline bassinets and strollers. Go to to get yours before your next holiday!




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