free weekly planner

Free weekly planner – empower kids to manage their time

free weekly planner

Mornings and afternoons are the highest stress points of the week, with school and activities and uniforms and leaving times. It can all end in tears on a regular basis. I’m only managing one child’s schedule so i can imagine how overwhelming it can be for those of you juggling multiple kids, schools and activities.

Now that Tully is in year three, i’m trying to get her to take responsibility for managing her own school stuff and her own time (within reason). But these are all really important skills that I think, as parents, we sometimes forget to teach them these skills, because sometimes its just easier to do it ourselves.

Tully is finding year three a bit of a change and she has a busy weekly schedule. Because she has an anxious personality it helps her to know what’s happening in advance so she can prepare for it. With that in mind, I created the below schedule  for her wardrobe door so she can see it before she goes to bed. Then she can see what she needs to pack for the next day, what she has on and if she has after school activities. it also tells her what to wear.

Free weekly planner

When I shared it with you all on Facebook you said you would like the template too so I’ve customised them below for each grade. Just click on the link to download the one for your child’s grade.

Free weekly planner


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

I hope this helps you and your family manage the mornings better, and that the kids begin to take responsibility for their own possessions. (well that’s the dream anyway!)

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