Freezing Time with Laser Clinics Australia

Two weeks ago I had my first experience with injectables on my face. I attended Laser Clinic Australia Brookvale branch and had an appointment with Victoria.

Victoria sat me through a consultation, which involved some paperwork. I then had a quick chat with the Clinic doctor.

Part of my consultation was to help Victoria plan where to administrate my Botox to help with my problem areas. I chose Botox as my injectable of choice after my own research. I wanted her to focus on my side eye areas to help with my “eye droop” I am obsessed with and I asked for a “subtle treatment”.

Victoria mapped out my face then I hopped onto the bed to lie down and get the process started. She then marked white dots where my treatment would be. She then lightly iced to freeze the areas she was going to inject. This apparently helps with any bruising after the treatment.

A few minutes of explanations and freezing and Victoria started to inject the mapped out areas. I’m not going to lie. I was ready to pee my pants with nerves! The first injection hurt. I was being a total drama queen. The nerves kicked in. Victoria turned into super nurse and basically calmed me down on the spot with some of that bedside manner only a nurse can do. After she had the second and third one complete I was comparing the pain to getting my browns threaded. I swear threading was more painful.

After about ten minutes my “mapped out zone” was complete. We had another consultation and and I was done. IT WAS THAT EASY.

Overall I was in the clinic for about 50 minutes. It may have been less if I was not such a drama queen. Victoria needed a medal or lots of wine delivered for putting up with me. She was amazing!

I was advised a few things to help.

*No to sleep on the side of my face for a few days.

*Not to put lots of pressure on injected areas.

*I may get a few headaches

*I may bruise.

*Results can take 7/14 days to appear.

*The Botox will last 3-4 months- no face is the same.

*Not to cook dinner at all…….Ok only joking on this one but can you imagine!
In the end I had a very tiny bit of bruising at the side of my right eye. Nothing makeup did not cover. I didn’t experience any headaches and slept well. I didn’t tell anyone I was getting the treatment and no one noticed. Obviously I have told everyone now. It took about 9 days for me to see the final results.

My mum asked me a few questions on my injectables. I answered her truthfully.

Mum: Why do it?

Me:This is my face. It’s my decision what I do with it. I had an area that was making feel paranoid and I wanted to try it. You can’t turn back time. You can freeze it a little.
Mum:Did I like the results? Yes.

Me: Self confidence is the ultimate result now get the kettle on.
Mum: Would I do it again?

YES!  Can you pay half? 😉

A HUGE Thank you to Laser Clinics Australia for holding my hand through my first injectable treatment and giving me confidence in myself again. Check out Laser Clinics Australia website: for a clinic near you.
A special thanks to Victoria for being so amazing at her job and calming this crazy woman down. I highly recommend her!

I’m not so paranoid now photo….
All opinions and photos are my own based on my own experience. Please consult with a clinic to ensure you get a treatment right for you.

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2 thoughts on “Freezing Time with Laser Clinics Australia

  1. Cam @ Gen-Y Mum

    I’m a 33 year old mother of two. I too wanted to slow down the ageing process on my face. I looked tired and the increase wrinkles around my forehead and under my eyes were bothering me. I’ve had botox and fillers done on my face. I’ve only just started getting them done this year and since then I’ve gotten them done twice. (The fillers which I got just above my cheeks I’ve got done only once and didn’t need to redo them last time.) I am a fan. It really did remove the fine lines in my face and removed the sunken look my face had from the loss of fat from my cheek bones. I am very conscious not to go over board, plus its not exactly cheap, but I’m definitely converted now. Your results look amazing!!

  2. Emma @ Family Meals

    You are very brave to get that done. I haven’t got to the stage of wanting botox yet (I’m 42!!!) but I do love my laser treatments at Laser Clinics Australia. I wish to good god that this technology had of been available when I was a teenager! Its a total game changer!!


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