What a Friday Night Out Looks Like After Having Kids

Friday Night Out

Picture this – I’m on my first Friday night out since Mr Baby was born, kid free and cruising through the Adelaide Hills blaring my old skool RNB and Beyonce jams (because you know – I’m ‘Flawless’ and ‘I Woke Up Like This’ and all that!) and THIS mama has a BIG night planned!

First stop – Hospital. I have some precious cargo in my car waiting to be dropped off. A Poop Sample. Yep – not only had I been elbow deep in baby poop for a week thanks to Mr Baby being sick all week – but the ONLY reason I was having a night out was because that Poop Sample wasn’t going to make its way to pathology on its own. So really – I owe that poop for giving me
an excuse to get out of the house! Never thought I’d be thanking baby poop for a night out…

Nothing says a great night out like a poop sample in the back of the car!

Nothing says a great night out like a poop sample in the back of the car!

Second stop – Coles. Because I forgot to place our online shopping order and we had no food left. I blame the poop for this. I was too busy living beside the change table trying to catch the mustard poop that kept flying through the air at each nappy change that I forgot this essential chore. But that’s ok, because I decide to mix things up a bit. I’m going to be a rebel and stay out a little late, and stroll through Kmart because I’m kid free and don’t have to be dragged to the toy section for once, and then I indulge in a family block of chocolate with a bottle of Sprite while I sit in the car park because I am a responsible driver – no drink driving here!

It may not compare to my pre-baby nights out in the best bars in Sydney. I may have been rocking a Bonds outfit instead of a sexy LBD and my ‘bubbly’ drink may have been Sprite rather than an amazing glass of champers, and instead of dancing the night away in a dimly lit club I was stuffing my face with chocolate in a dimly lit car park (like a creeper!) but at that moment it was THE BEST NIGHT OUT EVER!

Does Sprite count as having some bubbly?

Does Sprite count as having some bubbly?

How life has changed as a Mama of two! But it’s all good – I’ve got this. After my Friday Night Out driving poop around and being a creeper in a parking lot I was prepared to return to my role as Milk Factory/Mama/Wifey with my sanity intact – somewhat!

I wonder what my next Night Out will be like? Stay tuned!

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