We Get Commando Fit! (Hopefully)

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With Lynsey and my ‘babies’ turning 3 soon we have decided 2015 is the year we do something for us and to get fit and healthy. We want to feel better and have more energy and to make sure we have something for ourselves so with this in mind we have signed up with Commando Steve to Get Commando Fit!

We will admit it’s a little daunting (we’ve seen him shout at people on the TV!) but from what we have seen so far it looks really good. It has all different levels, depending on your fitness levels- because I really don’t do any exercise I’m starting at the bottom- but we all have to start somewhere right?!!!

I’m especially excited about the food- I’ve tried a lot of the programs available but I find they often go for the high carb, low fat method and that doesn’t work for me as I don’t tolerate carbs very well. Commando Steve’s program menu is more based on the paleo way of eating- which works a lot better for me.

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The program starts Monday and we will be posting updates as we go along but we would love some of you to join us! Wednesday 18th Feb is the last day to sign up and its a 13 week program.

So who is with us? Join up here! www.getcommandofit.com.au

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