Getting Fit with She Rides

She Rides

This post is sponsored by Cycling Australia

My names Lynsey and I cycle… well I’ve started to!

If you know me or follow Stuff Mums Like that’s a massive statement from me considering I used to call walking around Westfield a workout. I’ve paid off more gym memberships I did not attend than I care to discuss (in case my husband reads this).

Last month I was very excited, and truthfully honoured, to be selected as an ambassador for She Rides.

She Rides is a feel good women’s cycling initiative.  Its is a national program run by Cycling Australia ( that encourages women to get on their bikes, build confidence and widen their social network.

What I love about this programme is that it’s targeting all women. Not just super healthy and fit women but all women from all walks of life. Just encouragement is all I really need oh and maybe a kick up the butt occasionally…..

I registered with the program and got myself kitted out:

New bike: TICK

New helmet: TICK

Instructor booked in: TICK

Motivation: TICK

Skill: TBC

When selecting a program there are three to choose from Basics, Confidence, Together.

She Rides program options

The program I choose is She Rides basics. I have chosen this because let’s just say it’s been a decade or five since I last exercised. I loved my bike in my younger years but it’s definitely been a lonnnnngggggg time.

I don’t want to whizz around the roads but I do want to enjoy the outdoors. I selected a mountain bike as I figured it will also be a great way to keep up with the kids when they get a bit bigger. I figured I can build my confidence and I would rather go in easy than start and then run a million miles.

She Rides

After registering online and connecting with my instructor I arranged to meet my instructor Rebecca at Narrabeen lake on the Northern beaches. Not only had my instructor an outstanding list of sporting achievements she was also rocking a tiny baby bump.  Rebecca did some health and safety checks with my bike and gave me a heap of tips on things like tyre pressure and how to get the most out of my bike. Then we hit the “road” for a cycle around the lake.  Starting at a nice pace with a chit chat we navigated our way around the track. We had a few stops for photos and I think I talked Rebecca’s leg off.  Lucky she had another to up the pace and get my blood pumping. Looking back at it Rebecca knew the track, knew when to push me and knew when to let me take it easy. While I was actually doing the track all I could think was this is SO EASY or this is so much FUN! Obviously being kid free added to the elation but I really felt that this is something I could keep up.

She Rides

Nature! Fresh Air! Exercise! Great company!

What more could a girl ask for on a Thursday morning!

I am booked in again next week for my next session. I shall return with an update next week!

Lyns xx

You can register to join She Rides here:

P.s Thank you to AvantiPlus Narrabeen for kitting me out with an awesome bike and helmet!

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