gift wrapping

Gift Wrapping so they will never guess what’s inside…

gift wrapping

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We all know just how hard gift wrapping is so that the kids don’t guess what they are getting for Christmas. It’s pretty hard to hide building bricks, DVDs, clothing and books, so thanks to TK Maxx, we chatted to Vivienne Anthon, Australia’s expert gift wrapper from The Daily Wrap.

A group of us were invited to TK Maxx at Top Ryde, where Vivienne gave us a masterclass in gift wrapping. She showed us the easiest ways to disguise gifts for when those little hands start testing out what’s under the tree! This was my first visit to TK Maxx and there were so many amazing products I didn’t know where to start looking!

Vivienne showed us some fantastic ways to hide what’s inside, showing some very creative ideas! As you can see from the photos below, I chose a book, a soft toy and a bag- and I had to wrap them so you couldn’t guess what was inside!

Christmas gift wrapping

We sat down with Vivienne for a quick Q&A on how to hide some of the more popular presents.

Gift wrapping building bricks

Building bricks are a tough one because as soon as you shake it, you know exactly what is inside. Vivienne’s tip for disguising Lego is to wrap the box in bubble wrap to muffle the sound and make it feel soft. Slip some bells in the layer of the wrap so when they shake it they will also hear a jingling sound.

Gift wrapping books

Change the shape by adding cardboard. Turn your book into something that looks like a gingerbread house!

Christmas gift wrapping

Gift wrapping gift cards

Gift cards are a common gift for teenagers and the hard to buy for, but what are some fun ways of disguising them? Vivienne gave us some great tips, including clipping a number of small envelopes to the tree- some with cards and some without, or popping them in a box with some bells so they will never know what’s in there! Another great tip (which I’ll be using) is to create a ‘Christmas pudding’ gift wrap using a takeaway noodle bowl and some calico fabric. Fill the bowl with little things like a gift card, headphones, lollies etc. and put the lid or a circle of cardboard over the open top. Flip it upside down and wrap it like it’s a pudding!

Christmas gift wrapping Christmas gift wrapping Christmas gift wrapping

Gift wrapping DVDs or video games

These are a bit like the books- how can you make them look like something else? Bubble wrap will make them feel soft and change their shape, or you can add the cardboard like with the book.

Gift Wrapping clothes

Everyone can spot clothes a mile off in their present pile so here are a few ways to trick them. Place the clothes between two pieces of cardboard and then wrap it- this works for soft toys as well and it makes the gift feel firm. Other ways are inside a drink bottle or in a lunch box. Keep them guessing!

How to hide something really BIG!

If you can’t put a bike or something else big under the tree there are a few ways you can do the big reveal. Take a photo and put it in a big box, do a scavenger hunt for clues, give it to them in pieces!

Below are 10 creative gift wrapping ways Vivienne has come up with to disguise gifts.

Christmas gift wrapping Christmas gift wrapping


How are you gift wrapping your gifts to keep them a surprise?


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