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Home Safety: How safe are your garage doors?

Home Safety - garage doors One of my biggest fears with parenting is running over a child on my driveway. We all drive such big cars now and it’s so easy to get distracted with phones ringing, kids getting in and out and the rush we are always in. I love my reversing camera, but even that isn’t 100% in keeping kids safe.

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According to a report conducted by the Department of Infrastructure and Transport, on average, seven pedestrians aged 0–14 were killed each year (in a 10 year period) and 60 seriously injured each year (in an 8 year period) due to being hit by a four-wheeled motor vehicle moving around a home.

To prevent this, we have fenced off our driveway from the front door, accessible only through gates that open on the driveway side, not the door side. I’m also obsessive in making sure everyone is through the door to the house and the garage door is closed when I drop kids off.

The other area that is a big risk for kids and cars is the garage. It can only take a moment for a child to open the internal door and be in the garage when they hear mummy or daddy’s car drive in. They can also get in the way of the garage door as they open or close. A survey by Merlin has also found that 1 in 10 people have been injured by a garage door.

To help prevent this it is essential that your garage doors are serviced regularly and that your garage door opener is compliant with safety standards. You should also secure the internal door in some way, such as with a baby gate, and make sure your garage door opener has the latest technology to prevent accidents when the door is closing.

This safety issue is why we have upgraded our garage door openers to two Merlin Commander Essentials. We have two garage doors and the Merlin Commander Essential comes with a range of safety features. It also has an automatic force sensor, so it adjusts the level of force needed to open the door.

We also had the myQ Connectivity Bundle installed. This means you can connect your Merlin garage door opener to your smart device using the myQ App, to monitor and control your garage door anywhere and anytime.

You can also use your smart phone or Apple Watch to open the garage door for your delivery man, or (if you’re like my husband that always obsesses over these things) you can make sure your garage door is closed, even when you’re at work. It gives you added safety, peace of mind and security over your home. I’m loving using it on my Apple Watch, it means I can take things in and out without needing my garage door remote, or even my phone!

The myQ Connectivity Bundle also includes the Protector System (Safety IR Beams). Once these beams are installed, it will ensure that the door will only close if the sensors are clear. If anything is breaking the sensor beam, the doors won’t move. This is key because it means that if your child is under the door as they close, they won’t get hit (neither will your car if you are half in and half out and a kid hits the close button).

As parents we are all over home safety such as smoke alarms and pool fences, but the garage is an area most of us don’t think about. I know I haven’t. I didn’t even realise there was any difference in garage door openers or that some may not comply with safety standards.

So, if you are concerned about the safety of your garage door opener, check out the safest range trusted by the experts at www.gomerlin.com.au.

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