Koala Sofa

Home Styling – the Koala sofa

Koala Sofa

The couch is my number 2 house purchase (my bed is obviously number 1!) but the couch is where I spend a lot of my waking hours – I work on it, I nap on it and we all gather as a family to watch TV on it. We’ve been through several couches over the years because I’m very fussy. I have high standards and a lot of couches don’t meet them!

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Home Styling – the Koala sofa

Here is what I want in a couch;

It needs to be firm but comfortable. I don’t want a couch I sink in to. It needs to be supportive and comfortable. As I sit on it a lot, I don’t want to get a sore back.

It needs to be deep (but not too deep). If you can’t curl up on your couch, then what is the point? But equally annoying are couches so deep you can’t get out of them. I’m only short, I don’t want to be trapped!

Attached cushions. I’ve had bad experiences with unattached cushions losing their shape very quickly.

Square arms. I don’t even know why! Here in our house they are known as ‘squarms’. I just like the look of them.

Be durable. There are a lot of kids in this house so may the odds be ever in your favour!

So, when Koala sent me their new sofa, I was pretty excited to test it out! Let’s take a closer look…

Assembling your Koala sofa

The Koala sofa comes in several boxes, and you assemble it yourself. Oh, and when you order it, you can have it at your house within 4 HOURS! Not 4 weeks (or 4 months) but 4 hours when you order before 2pm. Crazy! I loved the little tracking map they have as well that shows you how far the truck is from your house. Every delivery should have this!

Koala Sofa delivery

The sofa is the one item we have never had to build but it is surprisingly easy. No tools are required, and it probably took my husband 30 minutes to assemble (with ‘assistance’ from Tully). Impressively she assembled the whole ottoman on her own.

Koala Sofa

Koala Sofa

She was beside herself when she found this little turtle plush toy hiding in the sofa. She kept saying, “look at its cute little face!” I explained that it’s there because anyone who buys a Koala sofa helps WWF to take care of the turtles. She’s been carrying him around ever since.

Koala Sofa

WWF turtle adoption

 Testing out the Koala Sofa

Koala Sofa

So, how does the Koala measure up on my list of requirements? Let’s take a look;


It’s definitely firm. Made with poly foam  like their award-winning mattresses, the Koala sofa is comfy enough to sleep on. I know this because I’ve already spent the night on it thanks to a difficult child!

Deep enough

It’s the perfect depth. I can sit in the corner with my legs crossed and my laptop on my knee (like I am right now, writing this). The ottoman means I can lie down and my husband can still have his legs supported too.

Attached cushions

The Koala doesn’t have attached back cushions but I’m holding out hope because the cushions feel super firm (but not too firm) and look like they hold their shape. We shall see! I love that the whole base cushion is all one though because there are no gaps to fill with crumbs and tiny toys.

Square arms

Yes – and I love them!

Koala Sofa


The fabric feels really durable and like it will wipe clean easily. We haven’t had a spill yet, but with three small kids it is only a matter of time!

Styling the Koala Sofa

The Koala sofa comes in Brushtail Grey or Bonnie Doon Blue. I chose Brushtail Grey as it is such a great colour to style in so many different ways. To show you how versatile this sofa is, here are a few ways you can style it.

Pinks and pastels

Styling a grey sofa

Soft pink, whites and greys go perfectly with the Koala sofa. All you need is a variety of cushions in different sizes and textures and a nice throw.

Styling a grey sofa

Neutral and natural colours

Styling a grey sofa

 If you prefer a more neural and natural tone for your furnishings, then we can definitely go that way as well. I love this look. You want a natural, textured throw and some neutral cushions. You want to make sure you have a variety of textures and fabrics for this look to avoid it looking flat. Don’t be afraid to use a pop of black as well. Plants in this area will really bring the colours to life an add a splash of green which really pops.

Styling a grey sofa

Styling a grey sofa

Lux pink and black

Styling a grey sofa

If you want more of a lux look then go for opulent textures like satin, velour or deep, fluffy cushions. Black and pink go well together and really stand out on the grey.

Styling a grey sofa

If you want to try a Koala sofa for yourself then click here! 

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Koala Sofa

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