How to get your laundry mojo back…

Laundry Mojo

Any mums out there stuck in laundry rut? Food stains… wee soaked sheets… the brand new tea-towel that your kid used to mop up their paint spills…? Tired of washing load after load? Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to find your laundry mojo again – I promise!

1- Unplug your washing machine and put it in storage. Rely on family, friends and the local laundromat for the next month.

2- Move your washing machine to the back deck or patio next to your backyard hose tap. Keep a wrench and plumbing converter handy cause you’ll have to reconnect washing machine hose after every time you use the garden hose. fFnd a long extension electrical cord and run use the machine like this for at least the following 3 months (at least).

3- Don’t forget to keep the washing machine covered from the elements, a strong plastic sheet and a couple of bricks should do the trick.

4- Once the minimum 3 months is up, wipe down your machine and move it back into your laundry.

5- Enjoy your new found appreciation for your functioning laundry (4 weeks on now and I still smile every time I do a new load).

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