How to Make Your Hair Bhave


Everyone in my family has super shiny ‘wash and wear’ hair. They wash it and it air dries in 15 minutes ready to start the day. Me? I have dry hair that isn’t curly or straight. Some days I wash it and it goes into lovely waves. Some days I wash it and it goes into a ball of frizz. Rainy days? Forget it! I often straighten it as I think it looks more professional for work. I have to leave for work at 6:30 am though, it takes about 15 minutes to straighten it, therefore it often ends up in a pony tail or messy bun… and not a stylish one!

Here is a picture of me with air dried hair.

frizzy hair

I was offered the chance to road test the Bhave In-Salon Smoothing Treatment and I jumped at the chance, my hair needs any help it can get! Firstly I trialled the Bhave products, I was given the Rescue  shampoo and conditioner, along with a package of other products, including Fresh Ends, Leave In Creme, Riot Control and Hair Masque. These products would definitely be too heavy for some people’s hair but for me they worked a treat. I immediately noticed that my fly aways and frizz calmed down.

The next step was the In-Salon Treatment. I had been at my baby’s first birthday party the day before so I had straightened my hair so that I could try and look presentable. This is a photo of my hair self straightened!

sara blowdry touchu


I was in the salon for about 3 hours, it was a long time but I thoroughly enjoyed the piece and quiet and the chance to actually read my book. Firstly my hair was washed using a special pre-treatment shampoo that opened up the hair follicles.  After that the smoothing treatment was painted on and left to soak in. Then the treatment was rinsed out, blow dried and straightened, this was to close the hair follicles to keep the keratin inside. My hair was very heavy and dead straight. I was under strict instructions not to tuck it behind my ears or get it wet. I had to leave it crease and water free for 48 hours.

Bhave Smooth treatment

After it was done setting I washed it out and got to start playing it my new silky shiny hair… I couldn’t stop touching it. The Bhave In-Salon Treatment was put in three weeks ago and I am still totally in love with my hair. Each morning it takes me two minutes to run the straightener over my hair before work rather than the 15 minutes it used to take and I have worn it out every day. Everyone has been commenting how amazing my hair looks. My hair is just so easy to manage now, yes I still have to blow dry and straighten it as it is heat activated but it is so quick I don’t mind at all. Best of all, even through the wild stormy weather we have been having my hair has stayed frizz-free! Before Bhave I probably wouldn’t even have bothered straightening it- straight up into a messy bun!

Here it is- after three weeks…


Do take notice of the pre-treatment advice though and colour you hair at least two weeks before (or after is fine), I coloured it only a few days before and my hair is now much lighter. I don’t mind though- it is nice for it to look a bit different. Also remember to use paraben, sulphate and sodium chloride free shampoo, conditioner and products (the Bhave products are divine) to ensure the keratin stays in.

I think I am totally addicted… hopefully hubby won’t check the credit card bill!

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