Styling a christmas dessert platter

How to style the perfect Christmas dessert platter


Styling a christmas dessert platterCatering for all the relatives at Christmas can be a demanding job. There are always people that don’t like what’s being served, fussy kids that want one particular type of food, and so much food left over! This year we are skipping multiple desserts and going for this one Christmas dessert platter. The dessert platter looks amazing and there’s is bound to be something that everyone loves!

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Here’s how we put it together…

Christmas dessert platter – To buy

Woolworths Summer Berry Mince Pies

Mini mince pies

Woolworths Petite Pavlovas

Thickened Cream




Kiwi Fruit


Woolworths Christmas Pretzels


Caramel popcorn

Mini Marshmallows

Shortbread candy cane biscuits

Shortbread ginger trees

Woolworths Chocolate Rum Balls

Woolworths Choc berry cake balls

Woolworths Candy Canes

White chocolate

Styling a christmas dessert platter

How to style it

Firstly, melt the white chocolate in a bowl in a saucepan with some water in the bottom, or melt in the microwave.

Dip the strawberries in the melted chocolate, place them on a tray covered with baking paper and refrigerate until solid.

Combine the pretzels, mini marshmallows, caramel popcorn, and the M&Ms in a bowl to make our Reindeer mix.

Next, decorate your mini pavlovas with fresh cream, berries, and kiwi fruit. (note: use cream you beat yourself, not the spay cream as it melts too fast).

Get a round platter and place your large products on first. We alternated the mini mince pies, shortbread stars and pavlovas around the outside and then placed the larger summer berry pies in the middle. Use the Reindeer mix to cover the bottom of the tray after placing the larger mince tarts. This fills in space and gives the dessert platter a feeling of abundance.

Then, place the rum balls, choc berry balls, and the ginger Christmas trees in the middle of the board. Don’t be afraid to overlay products. The best dessert platters are styled but look like they have just been thrown together.

Place three handfuls of strawberries on opposite sides of the board and then place your chocolate coins around the outside and in the middle. Once you have done that look for any empty spaces and fill them with your Reindeer mix. Top with candy canes to add some extra colour and you are ready to go!

Styling a christmas dessert platter

Here’s our video so you know exactly what to do…

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