Easter leftovers

How to use your Easter leftovers

Easter leftovers

After the Easter weekend, you can guarantee that you’ll have a whole lot of food left over. There will be hot cross buns, chocolate, probably some cheese and crackers, some lunch leftovers and so on. So, what do you do with all these Easter leftovers? I’ve taken some inspiration from Woolworths Savers to come up with some ways to use them!

(This post is in collaboration with Woolworths Food Savers)

Leftover hot cross buns

Hot cross buns aren’t just for Good Friday.  You can use leftover hot cross buns for a delicious French toast breakfast or turn them into a dessert like bread and butter pudding – Easter style! Check out Woolworths’ amazing Bread & Butter pudding. It looks to die for!

You can also toast them and serve them with maple syrup, fruit and ice cream for a delicious treat. For something extra sweet and scrumptious, why not try out Woolworths’ Fairy Bread BBQ Hot Cross Buns?  Or, if you are a fan of the sweet and savoury, try out Maple Bacon Hot Cross Bun Sambos.

brioche hot cross buns

Leftover chocolate

I laugh at the idea of leftover chocolate too! But if you do end up with more than you can handle, there are a bunch of ways you can use your chocolate. How about melting it down and dipping fruit into it? Crushing it up and baking choc chip cookies? Turning it into Triple Choc Easter Egg Brownies? One simple thing we like doing with our Easter eggs is smash them up and mix them with ice cream. It’s so good!

Easter leftovers

Leftover roast dinner

Do you cook a roast lamb on Easter Sunday? If you do, you will probably find yourself with leftover meat and veggies. There are a few things you can do with these and one of the easiest is to turn them into pies. If you have a pie maker you can use that, but if not, grab yourself a sheet of filo pastry, your meat, veggies and some gravy. Place the mix of lamb, vegetables, and gravy on half the sheet, fold over and seal the edges with a fork or just your fingers. Brush with egg and cook ’til golden brown (about 20 minutes).

You can also turn it into stews and stir-fries or even just lamb wraps for the kids when they go back to school.

Easter leftovers

Leftover cheeses

Having leftover cheese is a bit like having leftover chocolate – very rare in my house! But if you do find yourself with some leftovers there are some great ways you can use it.

Soft Cheeses: Soft cheese such as brie or camembert goes well as a stuffing for chicken breast. Combine it with some spinach, ham or bacon if you like. I also like it in a toasted sandwich with ham and tomato. You can stir it into pasta, melt it into a dip or use it in a sandwich with your leftover lamb!

Hard Cheeses: If you have leftover hard cheese such as a sharp or crumbly cheddar there are some great ways to use it. In a salad works well, as a Ploughman’s lunch, in sandwiches or bake it into cheese and veggie savoury muffins with your leftover roast vegetables.

Easter leftovers

Woolworths also has some great tips on what you can do with leftover cheese this Easter.

Hopefully, these ideas will make sure you have no wasted food left over from your Easter Weekend. Have a great time!



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