I have a cleaner, what about it?


Is there anything more adult than having a cleaner? It truly signifies the move from, “I am going to spend all my spare money on wine and cocktails,” to, “I like having a clean house and I’m going to spend my money on that”. Not that wine and cocktails aren’t still favourites of mine but having an active toddler in the house, I can tell you that I get far more satisfaction and less of a hangover from a cleaner than I do from my old friend winey.

 But when I tell people I have a cleaner, I get one of three reactions:

“Are they any good? Can I get their details? Like now!”

“Oh, how much does that cost? I don’t know how people can afford a cleaner these days…”

“I don’t need a cleaner, because I am a mega superwoman who possesses the super power of achieving a perfect clean, every time and I will now share every cleaning tip I have with you to convince you of my super power.”


When I was a kid, having a cleaner was reserved for the rich and famous. I am neither rich nor famous but I do have a cleaner. I’m ok with it, in fact it was one of the best things I ever did. But, going by the reactions I get when I tell people, not everyone is. But why?

I’m a busy mum of a toddler and I run my own business from home. I am usually at home working on the two days my toddler is at school and then on the other three days I am out and about with my Little Miss at playgroup or Kindermusik, visiting friends, at the park or dragging her along to various events that I attend for my business. I get very little downtime and would much rather spend that down time hanging out with my family than scrubbing toilets.

But whether you are a busy working mum or a mum who has a bit more time on her hands or whatever in between is besides the point. A cleaner is a choice I have made that works for me. Much like choosing to spend your money on Foxtel or wine or designer baby clothes is a choice, so is having a cleaner. Have one or don’t, it’s totally up to you. I won’t judge your messy house (because let’s face it, without a cleaner, I would be right there with you sister) and I also won’t judge your cleaning roster and perfectly pristine kitchen bench tops. I don’t get it, but I won’t judge.

So when your friend tells you she has hired a cleaner, the appropriate reaction is not to race off to your bathroom to grab the Exit Mould and tell her all about it’s amazing cleaning ability while she is trying to breastfeed her baby. Instead, smile, nod and curse the lucky bitch when she goes home!

Sara Keli

Sara Keli is the Editor and Chief Kid at Kid Magazine, a digital magazine and blog for mums who like style, pretty things and looking after themselves and their families. She is a mum, wife, writer, designer, crafter, cook and will never say no to a glass of bubbles!

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