Before I became a mum I wish someone had told me..

We did a survey with over 50 mums asking a few questions. One of the questions was “what advice do you wish you had been given as a first time mum?”

Check out some of the answers:

The 300 bucks I paid for that birth class to watch 1980 birth videos was wasted. Should have spent that cash on shoes.

Twins are hard hard hard work. But amazing.

Sleep is a story you hear about in books.

My Boobs will never be the same again.

The hours you waste gazing at your baby are not wasted.

Your partner or husband is there for you. Don’t forget it.

Mother in laws are not always correct.

You can’t bottle the love you feel for your baby. If you could sell it you would be rich. It’s amazing.

You will never feel rested again.

Breastfeeding is not easy!

It does get better – babies are hard and you all do get through it.

Don’t buy every gadget available – you don’t need them no matter what the lady at the baby shop says.

Stop worrying about being fat and take lots of pregnant pictures!

That everything is not a matter of life and death. For example: if the baby has to cry for a few minutes because you need a few minutes to yourself to pee/finish the coffee you have already heated up three times she/she will not be irreparably harmed.

I wish that I had been told a polite way to say “thanks for the advice” and then not take it on and worry so much! Yes I know everyone has advise and information that they just have to pass on but i think for a first time mum a lot of it causes extra distress and added worry that you just don’t need!

You will need extra rest.

You will be emotionally all over the place.

Sex while pregnant isn’t every girls dream, in fact you may not want it at all.

You will eat random things, and not know why.

Just because you make it to 12.5 weeks pregnant there is no guarantee you will give birth, miscarriages are so common.

Some babies just want to feed constantly almost 24/7.

You will have MOUNTAINS of washing to do!

Get out & about with the baby as the older they get the harder it is.

Don’t be so surprised that it will take you a bit of time to work out time management stuff especially when you are breastfeeding for the first time, you know things like getting showered before 3pm for the first 10 days or so that you are home by yourself. I was going to be sooooo organised and capable, well guess what I WASN”T!! It was hard to get showered and dressed and get myself fed and even have dinner ready for when hubby walked in the door, let alone do the house work and washing or manage to get the baby bathed and go out for a walk!! It obviously got better but that first baby was such an eye opener.

After your water breaks … It keeps leaking … In squirts as you walk, until you give birth. Your body just keeps making it. And if it happens to be 40 hours between when your water breaks and you give birth. You will leak/squirt for 40 hours.

Check out your nipples to make sure they are not too flat or inverted.

Your plans to start a home business / write a book / learn to play music and a new language while baby is sleeping will become a laughable, tragic dream (nightmare)…

Do not rely on your job being there when you have finished maternity leave as there are a million reasons that companies use to get out of offering you your role back again. It doesn’t matter how long you were there or how secure they say it is when you leave. Redundancy on maternity leave is very common.

There was a lot more blood than I expected after labour. You can plan all you want for anything but go with the flow if the plan doesn’t happen.

Not to eat like you are feeding two people. I thought I could eat double of everything … 30 kilos in 9 months.

No pregnancy is the same and no matter what they teach you at prenatal classes it goes out the window once you go into active labour. Relaxing on a gym ball does not work, but throwing it at someone’s head is an option.

That being pregnant isn’t a breeze for everyone so don’t feel disappointed – nausea, vomiting, exhaustion, SPD & back pain!

That the recovery even after a “natural” birth can be brutal.

That it is so much tougher than you can ever imagine but more incredible than you could believe.

That other mothers LIE. They lie about how easy their baby is, how much they sleep they get etc. Never compare your baby with another.

Time is priceless. Don’t wish the time away.

Ask for help. It’s ok to reach out.

Your house will never be the same again.

Hire a cleaner.

You might want another….

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