Im 28… and I’ve just had Botox


I have a confession to make.

I’m 28 and I’ve had Botox.

I’m a mum of 3.

Do not judge me.

I know I’m young blah blah blah. I’ve copped it from everyone I have told, so I stopped telling people.

You see, I have a certain condition and most people know it as ‘resting bitch face’. I just look like a bitch. I never realised I looked so mean until I saw photos on my camera.

Honestly my “concentration face” is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen in my life and trust me when I say the scariest, I’ve seen a baby coming out of my own vagina………..

We used to live next door to a lady with 3 kids (I only had 2 kids at the time) and we used to call her bitch face. Not to her face obviously.

She looked like she hated her own life and each one of her kids lives…. But then I met her properly. She was REALLY lovely.

Then I had my third child and I felt bad for her. Poor girl probably  just had  resting bitch face. The shame I feel for judging.

I got Botox honestly to get rid of my stink eye. And since having it, I’ve noticed that everyone is a lot nicer to me. I think the Botox has gotten rid of the massive ‘piss off’ sign across my forehead.


I’m so dramatic in my stories that I constantly use my WHOLE FACE to tell a story. My frown lines are so deep and I’m not even 30! I use Botox as a preventer for long term. If I can’t make those lines any deeper, I’ll be very happy. VERY HAPPY!

The only down side to getting Botox is that I could hear the needle piercing the skin of my forehead. However my doctor put ice on my forehead before and after the treatment so I had no bruising or swelling. At first it was a bit tender to touch which lasted about 48 hours. The results took 4 days to appear but I couldn’t be happier! I don’t look like a mean bitch. Except now I can’t give my kids the evil stink eye to stop them from fighting…. They think I’m being nice.

People judge me as pleasant.

Dang it!


This post was first published by the super mum Krystal over at You, me + 3 and has been republished here on with full permission.

1 thought on “Im 28… and I’ve just had Botox

  1. Linda

    Yes, I too have noticed that mum’s focused faces often look majorly “P-O”, but try not to judge as I have 2 kids of my own. I have however, discovered Nucerity’s Eye Effects 3 which contacts a peptide fragment of botox called Argeline and it works a treat at lifting the eye area and softening any strong wrinkles and lines across the eye, face and lip area. I’d highly recommend it, as it doesn’t paralyse like traditional botox (so you can still muster a serious “don’t screw with me mamma face” for the kids but enjoy a younger, softer and more vibrant (eye lifted) effect when at rest, play or even pleasure. 🙂 I’m 36 and would never have been brave enough to get botox needles, so this little discovery has really changed my appearance and outlook. I agree – people are a lot nicer to you when you’re not scowling constantly. 🙂


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