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Growing up my sister and I were obsessed with drawing floor plans and decorating houses. We would clip out furniture from IKEA and Freedom magazines and arrange flat-lay room designs- for hours on end! We would create elaborate flat-lay homes for our pretend families and have lively debates about whether the carpet we had chosen matched the lounge and if we liked the lighting choices. We would keep each room in a snap lock bag so that the pieces wouldn’t get mixed up. We were dedicated!

 On a rainy day our mum would take us to Freedom and we would play in the designed rooms, pretending we were styling them. We would imagine entire scenarios about the families that lived in the rooms, their whole back-stories and why their rooms looked the way they did. We would spend the whole day in there- mum just took her book and sat on one of those nice display couches and left us to it. Not once did any staff member question what we were doing- maybe they just liked our passion for home decorating!

Elana Clark Photography

Elana Clark Photography

If you have a budding interior stylist in your home then head down to Homemaker the Valley, Fortitude Valley Qld from the 4th-10th April. Every day between 10am-2pm there will be qualified child-minders on site who will be hosting different activities, inspiring the next generation of designers- and best of all its FREE!

Take advantage of the free 3-hour parking and get your shopping down while your kids spend hours learning their paintbrushes and Pantone colours and embracing their inner designer.

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To celebrate we are giving you the chance to win one of two $50 Freedom Vouchers. To win tell us what your homewares weakness is!

(T&Cs- Open to Australian residents over 18 only. This is a skills-based competition. Competition closed Sunday 3rd April at 11pm.)


2 thoughts on “Inspire Your Budding Designer at Homemaker the Valley

  1. Melisssa

    My homewares weakness is my love for my children’s arts and crafts. I have paintings, things made with boxes, sticks, milk tops and straws, pipe cleaners, toilet rolls and there is plenty more. I know I can’t keep it all but when they bring home their creations from kinder, school or we make something together at home, it deserves to be displayed and talked positively about. Its heart breaking when the glue starts to lose its sticky and things start to fall apart. I know I can’t house them forever by it does break my heart as much as it does theirs when their artworks move out into the big green wheelie. But I know there is always another creation brewing to move on in.

  2. Neeka

    Cushions have become my homeware weakness. Being pregnant I’m loving everything that is comfortable. Multiple cushions also look so inviting. The more the merrier :))


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