It’s twins!!!!!!!

It’s the night before my twins turn three. I having major flash backs of the pregnancy and the birth. I don’t know why as it didn’t happen with the last two birthdays. Maybe I’m seeing them grow up more now. Maybe it’s because they are no longer my babies.

People always ask me what it was like when I found out I was having twins. Truthfully I often made up an answer to suit the audience.  Some people just can’t handle the truth! Im not a warm fluffy kind of girl and I find it hard to share my personal thoughts out loud with randoms. Obviously you are extremely privileged…;)
What did I think? Well imagine the scan… My 6 month old son had thrown up all over the car on the way to the appointment. He also threw up in the waiting room. We got bundled into the room as I’m sure they honestly thought who on gods earth brings a sick kid to a scan? Parents who have NFI do. Parents like us. Any way … Fast forward to scan……..Oh there’s the baby… oh there’s another one… Husband shouts WHAAAATTTT! Son throws up. Husband exits with son to car apologising to all. I lie there thinking F&$k F$@k F@&k Fu@@@@@@@@@@@k, reply to some mumble jumble and dash to the loo. Once I get to the loo I ring my mum and scream down the phone TWINS…. It’s F$&c$ing TWINS… Sob sob sob. Waaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh. What am I going to do mum?????????????? WAaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

I hang up. Wipe my face, wack on makeup and march out to the reception to fill in forms and get my “photos”. Return to vomit filled car and drive home in silence.
My husband let off several yelps of joy and elation, called 10966938 people when we got home. He adores kids and is already an amazing dad. I’m still working it all out. To celebrate I went to bed with my son and maybe a packet of tim tams.
The following week I sent out a group message to my friends, mothers group, and randoms who I felt might want to know. Every one was either in shock or wanted to know how. After explaining the facts of life a few got the message. I don’t blame a few of the reactions.. My boss was priceless considering I had just started back to work the week before. Bless him.

People kept asking me things like….. 

How did we feel about it being twins?
My Standard reply: It’s scary but exciting.

What I really meant: I have not slept in 23 days worrying about am I good enough to do this and how fat I may get.

Wow are you excited? My Standard reply: We are shocked but excited.

What I really meant: Are you fuc&@ing serious what do you think? I’m going to give birth to TWO babies at the same time. I already have a baby. I’m not excited. I’m a nervous bloody wreck.

Oh you are going to have your hands full…. (This statement kills me).
My standard rely:Yes we are very blessed.

What I’m really thinking: Are you seriously trying to be funny. If I had a bat I may beat you with it. Step away. step away.

3 kids in just over a year how will you afford it…
My standard reply: Lucky we work hard and we will make it work.

What I’m really thinking: Money obviously can’t buy you class you nosey cow! Tell me again what your salary is?

Do twins run in the family? 
My standard reply: YES.

What I’m really thinking: Arrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhh let’s discuss my family medical history while im paying for these apples and have three kids in a headlock. Perfect opportunity.

PLUS Lots more questions that perhaps my hormones could have dealt with a lot better.
The twins arrived safely into this world in the early hours of the 14.6.12. Pink ones and totally perfect. All we have is more love in our life.

Flash forward three years.

I have just shopped at 9pm in Woolworth’s for a pony party picnic and wrapped all the frozen and princess attire available in Australia. I’ve kissed them goodnight about 20 times too many and even sneaked a photo of them asleep in their latest princess attire.  My night worries have changed from How can I do this? How can we do this? Will we cope? Why was I chosen? Will it be ok?
Now I’m worrying about when their preschool will open, why they keep wetting the bed? Who gets the Elsa doll and who gets Anna and lots of other complex crap…

So long story short…

There is never a finish line just an endless race and its up to you how you run it. After all that drama – I survived. We survived. All the people who meant well survived my filthy looks. Some even still speak to me…

If your part of the multiple crew about to give birth or up to your neck in vomit and crappy nappies. Please remember it will be ok. I’m the most scatty, unorganised disaster you will ever meet and I did it. I’ve survived 3 years and I’m celebrating!

You will too…
One thing I have to add I’ve yet to meet a multiple mum who’s not as tough as nails. Strong is the new black.


Please note photo below with perfectly behaved toddlers is obviously staged for a photo shoot and in no way my real life.  All children and wrinkles do belong to me. It’s also a national event that we all have brushed hair at the same time…

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  1. Jane

    Congrats- ours are 3 1/2- and no. 1 is 5 next month. I hear you, and if feel you. And isn’t it nice to be able to enjoy your kids now! I’m Head over heels in love with mine, as I have been for 5 years, but there was too much angst in the way to feel all the love 😉


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