Jamie’s Food Revolution with Tefal


JAMIE OLIVER was in town and I was very lucky to attend his Food Revolution show at the Opera house.
The event sponsored by Tefal was seriously one of a kind…

When I rocked up at the Opera house I was very excited to be kid free. I worked the Tefal hall of pans with a cut out of Jamie better than Kim K at the MTV awards with Kayne.


Being my first show with Jamie I didn’t really know what to expect. I took my seat in the packed theatre and it was basically Lights! Camera! Action!

Jamie Oliver is more fiery and full of energy in real life than you will ever expect! He kicked off with jokes that had the audience in stitches. I looked around and realised the place was PACKED with families. Kids of all ages laughing and interacting with the show. It was funny, it was crazy, it was buzzing!


Jamie whipped up amazing meals. Using kids in the audience and guests from schools to participate and share their love of food. Every part of the show had a purpose. The purpose was FOOD EDUCATION. Sitting in the audience you don’t even realise it but Jamie Oliver energy and passion for food was bouncing over the Opera house. I don’t think there would be a kid in the house that didn’t go home and eat their veggies for dinner!

Jamie’s Food Revolution is all about educating us and our kids from a young age to look at the food we eat. Celebrate the local produce we have. Make meals fun and enjoyable and not have any excuse to feed our kids crap.


In-between the sessions the WIGGLES rocked up and gave a mini performance! The house was rocking and I felt guilty for leaving the rugrats at home.

The biggest message I took away was how to look at the food we eat and install enthusiasm into my kids about simple things like where our eggs come from. Have fun, let them get dirty and dig up the herbs from the garden with me. Let them smell the veggies and take part in fun bits of the cooking. Take them food shopping to the growers and let them pick their apples. All simple things that can install a passion and a new view on food for our kids. I didn’t realise at the time but with the tips he was firing out I even learnt how to poach an egg properly!

It didn’t matter what seat you had, the Tefal pan cam made sure we all felt like we were actually standing beside Jamie cooking, chopping, slicing and dicing. Jamie also took us on a journey via a presentation about his #foodtube channel and how he gets his little kids at home passionate about food. The awwwwww factor was very high throughout the theatre!


The show lasted about 70 minutes and it felt like 15. Afterwards I went home and let the kids crack some eggs, pick some herbs and get messy. We had Frittata for dinner. It was fun a little crazy with them all helping but delicious! feeling very inspired! Thanks Tefal and Jamie!


Thanks to Tefal for the awesome day and make sure you check out Jamie’s Foodtube channel!



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