Keeping Baby Dry with Hippybottomus MCNs

IMG_2665I had the chance to try the Hippybottomus cloth nappies. This is the third type of MCN (Modern Cloth Nappy) I have tried. Hippybottomus are great because apart from the insert being super absorbent and soft, they also wash really nicely in cold water with mild laundry detergent and dry in a flash. Performance wise they were even able to contain a hefty number two! They work a treat for day sleeps – my son is a heavy wetter and I’d say they can be comfortably left on for about 3 hours without feeling wet for the bub. I haven’t tested overnight use because I’m a hybrid nappy user and use a disposable then as it will last all night – my boy does not appreciate getting his nappy changed overnight.


If you’ve never tried cloth nappies and looking for reasons to try then consider that you would massively reduce the environmental impact of nappies due to their gigantic contribution to landfill that takes a scary time to break down if ever, save loads of cash – roughly $3000 per child and more with subsequent babies, they are much more gentle on the skin, get more absorbent the more they get washed and you will like what values they instil about using and re-using, valuing limited resources and waste reduction. They are also much more sassy than disposables and Hippybottomus have some really cool designs.


I would definitely recommend them – I can see why they won the Mother and Baby Magazine Gold Award 2013 in the Reusable Nappy of the Year Award. To get your hands on your own Hippybottomus MCNs visit



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