Keeping My Bathroom Organised with Everloc

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetWith two adults, two teens, a toddler and a crazy kitten in the house it’s virtually impossible to keep organised. There is stuff EVERYWHERE! The bathrooms in particular cop a flogging- we have two, the main bathroom that the teens and the toddler share, and our ensuite. In the teen’s bathroom there is so much stuff. In the shower they have a different shampoo each, conditions, multiple soaps and God knows what else.

We did originally have a bathroom organiser but it was cheap and it got rusty. It also constantly came unstuck from the wall- causing loud crashes in the middle of the night. So we chucked it and we have just been using a step stool in the shower, which I hate as it looks messy. So When Everloc asked me to review some of their amazing bathroom caddies I jumped at the chance. They suction to the wall and you don’t need any tools or drilling to install them. Here’s the before and after of the kids’ shower using the large shelf from their Xpressions range…

everloc 1

So much better! It’s been a week now and it hasn’t fallen once- I love it! The Everloc baskets can take up to 15gk (and even all my daughter’s hair products don’t exceed that weight!)

Next up was the sink and it’s chaos of tooth brushes, cups, toothpaste and general detritus. I’m not sure why there are more than three tooth brushes but my teen daughter in particular seems to have a multitude of toothbrushes because she gets a new ones from the Orthodontist all the time. They are always all over the sink and it looks so messy. With the Everloc toothbrush caddy though it’s gone from messy to organised…

everloc 2

I love it! My favourite thing is that it’s up off the bench so it’s easy to clean under it and it doesn’t clutter the bench top. I also tried the medium shelf in our bathroom (top pic) no before pic for that one as it really was too gross to publish lol! The caddy was SO rusty I’m surprised it was still stuck to the wall! It’s been great too and so nice and tidy now.

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6 thoughts on “Keeping My Bathroom Organised with Everloc

  1. Cathie

    Just like you, we had an old shelf in the shower that used to fall off all the time. Now we just have all the shampoo bottles etc sitting on the floor of the shower and it looks terrible. Would love to have something that will stay up and look great.

  2. Rohit

    After looking at your pictures I am dreaming about how these Everloc Shelves will make our bathroom more organised and beautiful – that’s why I want to win.

  3. Bianca Moore

    So sick of all the shampoo, conditioner, body wash and scrub bottles sitting on the shower floor. They not only look terrible but if you knock one they all fall over…like a game of skittles. I really need this Everlock Large Shelf to declutter my shower floor and make cleaning the shower easier! thanks 🙂


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