Keeping sun safe with SunSense- plus a giveaway!


With a little redhead sun safety is always on my mind. I have to admit that I was a little more lax with my teens as babies because they have dark skin- Tully however, is so white she glows! So when SunSense sent me a summer pack- full of sun safe products for all of us- I was very grateful because I don’t think I’ve spent as much on suncream in my whole life as I have this summer with an active, beach loving three year old!

The pack came with SunSense Ultra, in a spray bottle (which is my favourite because it’s hard to pin down a running toddler!), a bottle of sensitive sun cream, a bottle of kids’ suncream, lip balm and SunSense Daily Face SPF 50. A friend of mine put me onto this last summer because it’s a lightly tinted moisturiser that’s also suncream. I use it religiously over summer so it was great to get some more.


We would love to giveaway 5 packs valued at $90 RRP including:

1 x SunSense Junior 250ml SPF 50+, 1 x SunSense Ultra 200ml Trigger Spray SPF 50+, 1 x SunSense Daily Face 200ml SPF 50+, 1 x SunSense Sensitive SPF 50+ 75g, 1 x SunSense Lip Balm SPF 50+, 1 x SunSense Aftersun Spray 200ml & a SunSense frisbee.

To enter tell us below what you love about summer!

(T&Cs- Australian residents over 18 only. Ends 14th February and is a skills based Competition. By entering you are giving Stuff Mums Like permission to add you to our database.)

107 thoughts on “Keeping sun safe with SunSense- plus a giveaway!

  1. Hayley

    I love outdoor picnics, the beach and walks around the river. Having had a bcc removed myself I am scared of the sun. Love these packs

  2. Tina

    We are loving the summer sunshine as it means spending time outdoors, splashing in the wading pool, chalk drawing on the pavers, riding bikes and playing at the playground until late because of daylight savings!

  3. Leigh Isabeth

    I have a 15 month old, and I’ve always loved summer because it’s a much more social and fun time all round, but now it’s even more exciting as I’m introducing my son to parks ,sports fields, adventure, nature and starting to educate him about water and most importantly skincare! He knows already that he needs sunscreen on whenever we go out! Clever boy!

  4. Cath Woods

    I love that we can go to the beach and get to splash around in Crystal clear water,the feeling of the sun on your skin and the option of a bbq with friends in the evening.

  5. Judith M

    I love that I get to take leave during Summer and spend so much more time with stay at home hubby and Miss Eight. This summer I got to take five weeks – including my birthday which is on Australia Day. Our time off together included camping, going to the beach, playing at the pool, mudflat meanders and generally getting out and about. We were always appropriately slipped, slopped, slapped and Miss Eight is a big fan of the spray-on sunscreen. I also love the longer Summer days, so even when I am back at work, there’s still time to take the dog for a walk in the light before or after work!

  6. lorraine mattea

    love the summer and longer daylight hours. More time to enjoy with family and friends.
    Longer to enjoy the outdoors and more hours in the day to visit friends.

  7. Rebecca Roffman

    I love that as a family we are more relaxed, after dinner walks with the dog, picnics down the park, surfing with Daddy…enjoying the great outdoors and quality family time 🙂

  8. Selina

    Summer to me is the essence of Australia. It’s the deafening roar of the cicadas at sunset and sticky fingers from mango juice running over your hands. It’s the feel of the water going over your head as you dive under the waves at the beach and it’s hanging out with your mates during those endless days in the sun. I’m always sad to see the end of Summer here in Australia – I’m a total sand lover.

  9. Cate

    My 2 favourite things are berry picking with my family and seeing the berry juices rolling down the toddlers faces, and running under the sprinkler with my 3 year old. The gorgeous giggling is contagious!

  10. Rosa Snyder

    I love to spend time at the parks and the beaches here 🙂

    I love being able to let me children explore what nature truly is, and for them to understand that the beach and parks are free entertainment!

  11. Rebecca Van Leeuwen

    I love to read my e-reader on my banana lounge whilst watching my son run thru the sprinkler in the yard. Bring on the sunny weather!

  12. catherine helbig

    love being out in my garden planting vegies and relaxing in the evenings with the sun still up and walks to the park with my son

  13. Michelle Leach

    Summer means spending days on the beautiful blue ocean with loved ones either fishing or having a picnic lunch on board the boat and at night just relaxing back listening to the waves and staring at the billions of brightly shining stars .. Thanks for the chance xx

  14. Anna M

    One of my favorite things about Summer just happens to be the afternoon thunderstorms that sweep through and cool everything down. The power of nature is amazing and Love how they give the plants much needed hydration much like sunsense products do for our skin.

  15. Lisa Hockin

    I love days at the beach with my kids with lovely long days. I love eating outside and eating lots of delicious salads.

  16. amber

    Summer means sunshine laughing adventures in our backyard. Bbqs cold lemonade swimming amd spending time outside with family and friwnds

  17. Lea Anita Black

    I love the fact that we can go to the beach and have a swim, plus lots of lovely days for Barbecues down there too!

  18. Sonia Chang

    Australia summer is the best summer for water activities and family holidays. This is why I love summer and take some beautiful family photos.

  19. Rachel K

    I love the sun, the water, sitting under the stars sipping a nice cool drink, fishing, road trips, waiting for the cool change, the pouring rain and the smell afterward, swimming and the sound of children running, jumping, loving and playing! I also love eating watermelon. It’s fun to eat that triangular wedge of red, white and green! The sweet juiciness forbids us to take life too seriously and shouts, “SUMMER!!!”

  20. Michelle lalezari

    Summer to me means lots of swimming with the kids, air conditioning, open toe shoes, ice blocks and late nights watching movies. Love summer!

  21. Amanda

    I love the Summer Vibe – there is a whole different feeling of energy in the air. Everyone seems to have so much life and enthusiasm to them – luckily its contagious!

  22. Anita

    Warm days, sleep ins when kids are on holidays, days at beach swimming and relaxing, the beautiful sun and green grass, lots of BBQ’s, lovely warm nights, delicious stone fruit in season, backyard play and water fights, trips to the parks,not having to light the wood heater every night, and best of all I love just watching my children play in the back yard in the warmth of the beautiful Australian Sun!

  23. Tracey Stehbens

    I love the sounds of lawnmowers and the smell of cut grass. I love the birds in the tree’s. I love the blue sky and the puffy clouds. I love the summer rain. I love the sounds of the surf. The waves rushing to meet the sand. I love hearing the sounds of laughter. The smells of bbqs. Life is good.

  24. Andrea

    I love going to different parks and gardens and watch my daughters explore and find different shaped leaves and other bits and pieces they call treasures.

  25. Josette

    Our family loves swimming and other outdoor activities . We get more time together as family and enjoy the warm weather.

  26. Cheryl Kinsella

    i have five adorable grandchildren and they all need protection from our aussie sun. They love the outdoors and I love their energy so summer is full of laughter and happy faces for me

  27. cleo sids

    Enjoying the beach, sublime sunshine , relaxing sounds of the sea, fresh intoxicating smell of the surf , sipping on cool refreshments.

  28. Cheryl Moulton

    I wear dresses or skirts all year round, but I just love sun dresses (maxi of course) I feel confined in winter clothes, Summer also gives us School holidays giving us all quality time with our children and grandchildren

  29. Aleisha

    Summer is hot hot HOT in Mildura! I have always had hot summers even now after moving away from home, I still enjoy sitting by the pool of an evening and having a drink and chat with my family. I now love my reverse cycle air conditioner, I didnt realise how good they where till now. No hot sweaty days and nights for us! My son likes to play in his paddling pool and then we all enjoy coming back into a cool house.

  30. Michelle Roberts

    Summer lovin’, had me a blast. Summer lovin’,happened so fast. Met a girl burning for me, met a boy, olive as can be. Summer days burning away. To, uh oh , those summer nights!

  31. Rachel Kriss-Newell

    Summer brings overwhelming happiness that really shines
    Throughout the day making us smile
    The season for entertaining, BBQ’s and chats
    Evening meals outside with cricket ball and bat
    Long days in the garden making flowers grow
    The most impressive sunsets with golden glow
    Keeping cool in the water splashing about
    Walks in the cool of night, the best season without doubt.

  32. Donna

    The hot summer nights, long walks on the beach, swimming, BBQ’s and lots of yummy salad’s. I love summer as we eat an abundant of fruit and summer fruits are my families favourites.

  33. Angela M

    I love everything about summer! The long days, the rest, the sunshine, the great temperatures, the cold drinks, the ice cream, the colourful fruit… It’s my favourite season!!

  34. julie

    i love summer coz we love getting wet.we love going to the beach or just playing in the backyard with our little girls. so much fun when they get us wet too…

  35. Renee Carnegie

    I love swimming at the beach with my family or jumping in the pool to cool off on a hot day. The fresh stone fruit and mangoes. Having a BBQ at a park just being outdoors and enjoying the sunshine 🙂

  36. Wendy Hatton

    It always amazes me how much fun my grand children have in the smallest amount of water- it’s a kiddie magnet for sure. Living in Tasmania the water is not warm for very long so we like to swim any chance we get during the summer.

  37. Linda

    I love that its not just a name that it actually happens, we get get sunshine and beaches. Not like where I lived and “Summer” was the rain getting a little warmer.

  38. Kylie Harris

    My most favourite thing is that the family camps in the lounge around the air conditioner, it is fun right up until they throw pillows at me for snoring haha

  39. Brenda kapsley

    getting the washing dry really quick and getting the chance to go lots of great places making fun great memories with the family

  40. Lauren Berry

    Spending Sunday’s at the beach with the kids exploring rock pools. Coming home having and having a BBQ and ice block on the deck

  41. monica s.

    Wearing light cool clothing (not rugged up for winter!)…love the sun on my skin – great for giving you a ‘feel good’ buzz!

  42. R Silverthorne

    I love the longer days. I love to get up in the daylight & be able to have picnic dinners down at the beach with the kids.

  43. Lisa W

    I love Sunday nipper mornings down at the beach with our family, adventures on the boat, daylight savings and warm, sunny days.

  44. Magaly

    Sand between my toes is my ultimate summer feeling and digging sandcastles close to the ocean so they turn into swimming pools!

  45. Jo

    I love summer for those weekends at a secluded beach, where warm tropical water and sunshine restores and rejuvenates both body and soul.

  46. Terri Todd

    Picnic’s at the beach with the extended family, building sand castles with my great niece and nephew and having a great swim in the ocean.

  47. Teena

    I love the fun we have as a family in the pool all summer long 🙂 Having a lost a friend to skin cancer many years ago, I make sure my kids are always covered up, slip, slop, slap or no pool is the rule!

  48. Mrs B

    I love summer cooking like delicious chicken salads, sitting outside, going for walks, and not being cold when I get up in the morning

  49. Alicia

    We love late night bbqs with friends as it cools down after a hot day. Kids playing on the slip n slide while the parents relax and have a laugh.

  50. Kylie van Alphen

    Sun, singlets, cold watermelon over the sink and juicy mangoes too.
    Water ice blocks packed the freezer full.
    Holidays, beach and late nights.
    I love summer.

  51. Brenda Vette

    Ever since having a bub, now a toddler, we are always out in the sun, so the more we are out in the sUnited the more sunscreen we use, this pack would be awesome to restock our supplies

  52. Brenda Vette

    Ever since having a bub, now a toddler, we are always out in the sun, so the more we are out in the sun the more sunscreen we use, this pack would be awesome to restock our supplies

  53. Jessica Thackwray

    I love taking the girls outside in the paddling pool whilst I water the garden. Watching them run around with the sprinkler whilst the dog chases them.

  54. Karla Oleinikoff

    Slathering on the Sun screen, playing a game of Cricket at the park, with the kids running back and forth from the swings and play area, having a picnic lunch and just enjoying the day without worrying about anything.

  55. Joanne sampson

    Love the hot summer days playing with the kids outside its amazing how much entertainment some sand and a garden hose give kids

  56. Jan Tidwell

    I love everything about summer! From the warm weather, to barbequing outside, wearing flip flops, enjoying time relaxing at the pool and beach and watching my kids play baseball and softball. What a great season!

  57. Summer Hinaki-McDade

    Besides it being the ‘coolest’ ‘hottest’ lol…name ever!
    I love being near the water; pool, beach with loved ones. Enjoying great food and company. Especially 4WD along the beach in our landcruiser, surfing & swimming the day away!

  58. samantha Sutherland

    Long days swimming in our new back yard pool and picnics on the deck with my sweet 4 year old. We’re both very fair skinned so sun safety is so important!

  59. Kim

    Our family love water balloon fights, sand castle building and dancing in the summer rain. Also minimal clothes = minimal washing!

  60. Kevin Kelly

    Racing the grandchildren down to the water at the beach, I always come last they love it and we always have a great day not in the sun too long and always fully protected

  61. Christy Seymour

    I love being outdoors with the fam…..BBQ’s, ice cream, cooling off in the pool…….all the things you can’t do on a cold and rainy winters day.

  62. Tanya Clarke

    My son and I just love sand and water play in summer. Making huge holes, standing in them and filling them in!! So fun!!

  63. Jacinta N

    I love everything about summer, from going on picnics in the park, to bush-walking to swimming at the beach, what I dont love is the flies and mozzies


    A less rigid schedule and longer days,
    A drop of rain settles the dusty haze.
    The garden ablaze with summer roses,
    And fragrances that tickle the noses.
    Watching the sun rise over misty fields,
    Bringing in hay that the farmer toil yields.
    Freshly picked vegetables from the home patch,
    Fruits from our orchard no others can match.
    Healthier eating and outdoor dining,
    Makes summer the time when moods are shining.
    So happy to have a long hot summer,
    Winter is nigh a season much glummer.

  65. Cheryl Moulton

    I love that I can pack away the heavy winter gear and once again wear my maxi sun dresses, and being able to throw open all the windows and doors to allow a fresh clean breeze go through my home, most of all I love the School summer holidays so that I can spend time with my grandchildren xx

  66. Jessica Maloney

    Being able to practice acoustic guitar outside, with my pet cockatiel on my shoulder, whistling his heart out in tune, along to the chords!

  67. Crystal Donohue

    From the delicious refreshing smoothies and fruit to devour, to being able to have fun in the sun whether its at the beach or poolside with family and friends – Summer has it all!

  68. Lisa J

    Luscious stone fruit stirring the taste buds.
    Balmy days making us sleepy duds.
    Parties, Christmas, New Year’s – so much tinsel.
    Cold water on hot skin feels almost sinful.
    I love summer for its sensuous treat.
    Sharing them with friends is extra sweet.


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