Keeping Warm with a Sunbeam Heated Throw Rug

photo 1-4Working from home definitely has its perks! I can’t believe how cold it has just got here in Sydney. After several lovely warm weeks the winter chill is back. As you can see in the pic above I am using the cold as an excuse to snuggle up on the couch with some treats, my laptop and a Sunbeam heated throw rug… yes that’s right- heated!!! Basically it’s like an electric blanket for your lap. It is soooo toasty warm!

I’m a total sook with the cold. I’d never survive in a cold country. My husband is from Scotland- I don’t know how they cope over there! I think my 15 year old son is even worse (although he does reside in a freezing cold garage so he probably has a reason  to complain!). He loves the throw blanket- I often find him snuggled up with it in the couch in his man cave/ garage.

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Here it is- all cozy on the couch (it even matches!). Anyway- to get you through the cold snap we have three to give away thanks to Origin Energy! To win tell us below- How are you keeping warm in the cold?

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(Three winners will be chosen by their answers. This is open to Australian residents over 18 only. Comp closes Monday 20th Oct at 10pm.)



2 thoughts on “Keeping Warm with a Sunbeam Heated Throw Rug

  1. Melissa

    CUDDLES, CUDDLES and MORE CUDDLES is my favourite warming thing,
    So is playing ball games, grooving to music and chasing after the kids (they are so quick!)
    It’s busy family life and the love that family give, that makes cold days, most days toasty days!

  2. Kirsty

    I like to stay snuggled up in bed under the warm of blankets for a little longer than usual. Other than that I find that cold days are great days to clean out wardrobes. When its too cold to try clothing on I am more willing to let go of the item. Clothing I haven’t worn for ages or clothes I’ve been holding onto just in case that one day it might fit again I let go of and pack in a bag for charity.


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