Kid-Proofing your iPhone with Evo Xplorer

Evo Xplorer

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We review a lot of products over here at Stuff Mums Like, but this is the first time I’ve put my life in the hands of a review product (by life of course I mean my iPhone- my love, my lifeline!)I was asked to road test the Evo Xplorer phone cover, a new waterproof, shockproof, kid proof phone cover by Tech 21- and I’m not going to say I wasn’t nervous! They want me to put my phone in water? What if it doesn’t work?

I decided it was go big or go home so I invited a bunch of friends and their kids over to really give the Evo Xplorer a good workout. #fingerscrossed

We set up activities in the garden to really test the phone cover’s capabilities. So what did we try?



Water damage is probably one of the biggest causes of phone breakage for mums. Phones end up in the bath, in the pool and even in the toilet. So we got out the water table and let the little hands take charge. My precious phone was flung about, used as a boat, hurled down the slide and generally just abused. They couldn’t believe it when I said they could play with the phone- “Just this ONE time!” (They looked very apprehensive at first- they obviously know just how much we mums love our phones!) The Evo Xplorer is waterproof up to 9.9m for up to an hour so it was no problem. As an aside, we just got a new pool so in the summer I’m looking forward to using it for underwater photos!


Evo Xplorer

Ugh craft- so messy! So what better way to see how the Evo Xplorer held out than getting our paint on? We got out all the paint and I let the kids paint the phone- they couldn’t believe it! They are obviously well trained because it took a bit of coaxing! Once they were into it though there was no stopping them! They loved it. A favourite activity was painting the phone then washing it down with the hose from the toy fire truck. So fun, wet and messy!


Evo Xplorer

We all know that kids + food= mess. Food smeared everywhere, spilt drinks, general chaos. So how does the Evo Xplorer hold out in our fairy bread making class? All those buttery fingers and sprinkles getting everywhere! Well, thanks to the fact the cover has all the buttons sealed and a SecureClip locking system that protects the phone and keeps the case secure, not a single sprinkle got in! The Evo Xplorer also makes the phone smashproof so even the buttery fingers dropping it didn’t affect it.

We put together this video so you can see how the Evo Xplorer performs under pressure.

The Evo Xplorer is now available at major retailers, including JB Hi Fi, Vodafone, Optus, Telstra, Officeworks, Network Communications, Tech 2 Go and The Evo Xplorer case for iPhone 6/6s can be purchased for $139.95 RRP

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