Kmart Hacks: Girl’s Bedroom Makeover

Kmart Hacks bedroom

Tully has been in her own room now for about 2.5 years and the whole time it has been half finished. I had lots of grand plans, and spent hours pouring over Pinterest images and stalking Petite Vintage Interiors, dreaming of the magical space Tully’s room could be.But, apart from painting the wall pink and putting up her name in letters and hanging these gorgeous balloons above her bed I hadn’t really got any further.

All the things I loved were way out of my price range and I couldn’t decide what I wanted. Then along came Kmart with its Kmart Hacks and there was everything I needed!

Here’s how I started…

Kmart Hacks bedroom

I had the Miller bed from Incy Interiors– as soon as this was released I knew that it was just want I wanted for Tully’s room. I’m a big fan of mint and pink (and bright colours in general as you can probably tell!) I’d painted the letters mint as well and the balloons are from Burnt Orange in Mosman.

I wanted to create a space with pictures on the wall but I was never sure what I wanted exactly. In Kmart I found this cute heart with marquee lights for $9. It’s battery powered and hangs on a hook. I also found this cute hexagon shelf for Tully’s princesses- they are the love of her life and she has more coming for Christmas so it’s great there is lots of room- it was $12. The print was about $8 but it came in a black frame. I wanted a white one so I got one from Kmart for about $9 and swapped it over. The other print was made for Tully by a very talented friend for her third birthday. You can check out her work at Missemoo.

Kmart Hacks bedroomNext was the letters on the wall. I liked the colour but I always felt something was missing. It needed a bit of sparkle and pizazz! I was unsure what to do with it- I considered covering them with paper or repainting them, but then I found the answer! I love the look of things dipped in glitter and so I gave them to the very clever Bridget, who writes for me on the blog and also has an online shop, Ever The Dreamer. She took them away and sent them back like this!

Kmart Hacks bedroomI LOVE them! (and so does Tully!)

After that was the bed. I still liked the doona cover but I thought the cushions could tie in a bit better. In Kmart I found this mint and gold LOVE cushion, and this gold spotty cushion for $10 each. They are really full and soft, and a great size.

Kmart Hacks bedroom


Here’s the whole side of the room together. The other side still needs work but I’m getting there!

Kmart Hacks bedroom

Have you done any Kmart Hacks in your house? Tell us about it!

(This post isn’t sponsored by Kmart in any way- just thought you should all know!)

2 thoughts on “Kmart Hacks: Girl’s Bedroom Makeover

  1. Robyn

    Oh you are so clever!! OMG I love those glitter dipped letters, I need to get me some. Isn’t KMART awesome at the moment, so much better than it used to be. We’re got the heart lights and and black star version in Josh’s room too xx


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