Laser Clinics Australia- giving me some ‘me time’…


Time. It’s not something I have a lot of.  Like a lot of mums I can often put myself last in the family.   With three crazy toddlers, simple things like my skin care routine, getting exercise and some ‘me time’ can often be a distant memory. Often a splash of water and drinking a cup of reheated coffee can be a big win in my day. Sometimes if I’m really winning I might even get to pee without three sets of eyes on me. Yes it’s all glamour being a mum!

The beautiful team at Laser Clinics Australia made sure this Mother’s Day I put myself first.  I was treated to a beautiful afternoon in their Clinic at Brookvale and got to experience what putting myself first looked like. I had a few treatments including a Mini Micro (no not the scooter type…).

The first treatment was Express Microdermabrasion. This was a quick pick me up treatment that gets of dead skin cells. It also helps with blood circulation and brightens skin.  Results are instant with a radiant and healthy finish and that squeaky clean feel after. It’s also surprisingly relaxing.

The second treatment was a Vitamin C Radiance Boost which helps strengthen elastin in your skin, also brightness and rebuilds skin cells. It took 15 minutes including a quick consultation to get the treatments and I walked away feeling like I had been treated for hours…


As mums we are the best multi taskers in the world but I’m telling you all to STOP and take at least 15 minutes this weekend and do something to pamper yourself. Why not treat yourself or drop some subtle hints to loved ones that might want to treat you?

Laser Clinics Australia have brought us a special offer that will help mums like me get to look after their skin in an affordable and quick way.

Use your 15 minutes with special offer – just $39 for an express micro with a FREE Vitamin C boost!  Warning- treatment and “me time” is slightly addictive you will return for more. 

All opinions are my own. I was a guest at Laser Clinics Australia. 




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