The Lazy Mum’s Guide To Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

Spring has sprung at last and it brings with it the promise of warm days leading into summer- yay! However, it also brings an expectation of refreshing and renewal- aka ‘Spring Cleaning time’ I don’t know anout you but there are a million things I’d rather being doing besides cleaning and I’ll do every one of them before I pick up that mop (16 and Pregnant marathon anyone?) I’m pretty sure I’d sit through an episode of the Kardashians if it meant no cleaning. So here’s my guide to spring cleaning for you all.

Mop the floor sometime in the next three months. There- you’ve spring cleaned!

Spring Cleaning

Open the doors and windows and let all that lovely spring smelling air into the house- there, doesn’t that smell clean! Cool- you’re done now!

Get some of these for the baby. It will make life so much easier!

Spring Cleaning

Spend the day on the couch with some wine and chocolate and watch back to back episodes of Hoarders. There.. your house is looking so much better already!

spring cleaning

If you have older kids now is the time to utilise them. This is why you’ve spent all these years raising them! You can use eith the carrot or the stick depending on your parenting style. Throw them $20 to get to work or turn off the wifi til the jobs are done. Either way works!

spring cleaning

Invest in a Roomba. It can clean the house (and entertain the kids and pets) so you are winning in two areas here- you don’t have to clean OR take the kids to the park. More wine for you as a reward for being such a multitasker!

And if all else fails you can always invite over all your OCD friends and watch them go mad cleaning your house- it’s win win for everyone!

What are your lazy mum spring cleaning tips?

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