Let’s talk about the pill, having babies, wishing for babies and myths from the mother in law…


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I had spent my whole 20s trying not to get pregnant.  I had a long term partner and was not ready for babies.  I wanted to travel, explore & build my career. Having a baby was not an option I even considered. I was on the pill and happy with my decision.

Then I came to Sydney on a 12 week holiday and met the man of my dreams.  From the day I met him he talked about becoming a dad. He was very open about wanting to start a family when he got married.  I knew I was now ready.   We had a whirlwind romance and after a year we got engaged then married after 9 months.

Before we got married we talked about having a “honeymoon” baby.  I came off the pill the month before the wedding and decided to have a baby straight away.  I decided. So it was going to happen.

Right? Wrong.

It did not happen that quickly.

I confided in my best friend who admitted they had been trying for a year and now starting to stress.

I look back now and I can laugh at the hours I spent skyping my friend at work re our schedules and ‘conception research‘. IMG_3413

5 months later we struck it lucky and got pregnant with Baby J.  I was 30 and honestly gobsmacked it did not happen straight away like it was “supposed to”…

Baby J was 5 months when I stopped breast feeding, as he just loved his bottle.

I thought my period would return straight away and it didn’t…

The following month I decided to do a pregnancy test before I went back on the pill just to CHECK.  I was returning to work the following month and feeling very organised about life.

Pee stick completed in Westfield toilets with J in the pram outside my cubicle. I was just about to hit the shops for some new work heels.

Waiting… waiting… waiting…


It was positive. I was PREGNANT.


This should take a least a year?

WAIT… what do you mean it’s TWINS?!!


Flash forward 8 months and I gave birth to beautiful twin girls. I now had 3 little people under 14mths.

After the twins where born we had a lot of people joke about “the next one”.

I was in a baby blur and honestly couldn’t even think about it.

We always wanted at least 4 kids.  Have them quickly.  Get it over with.  They will all be so close.

That was the plan.

Fast forward 3.5 years and the plan is not quite going to plan.  I have not been back on the pill after the birth of the twins and we have been “trying” now for at least 20 months.

We are both starting to question things like:

What is taking so long?

When should we ask for help?

Should we stop thinking and just settle?

But why should I settle? I need to have some questions answered.

I have now looked into fertility options.  Something I thought I would never have to do. Something I never thought as a blogger/writer I would be discussing.  Let’s do some myth busting.

IMG_3594Instead of torturing what’s left of my brain with mixed advice from my family and good old google I have finally found a source that I can rely on. I am a list girl so I’ve made my lists of what to do and busted a few myths with IVF Australia http://ivf.com.au

Q. Am I struggling after being on the pill all those years?

A. Being on the Pill is not a contributor.  I hope you’re reading this mother in law…

Q. Am I too old or is my diet a factor?

A. I’m only 33. Once I’m 36 my chances of falling pregnant each month do decline, but it’s asteady, not a sharp decline.

I don’t smoke and hardly drink alcohol BUT does the “baby weight” (actually more like a Tim tam love bump) need to go?

Having a balanced diet and looking after myself is the main thing.  I will start on the folic acid as advised.

Q.How should I track when’s the best time to conceive? Should I start a tally chart?

A.I found this online calculator really useful, simple and easy to use http://ivf.com.au/calculate-your-fertile-window

Tally chart optional.

Q. Is dying my hair blonde contributing?

A. I can find no reference to my hair colour so I can stay blonde for now. WIN!

Q. Should I eat more Kale and start drinking it in smoothies?

A. Kale will not get me pregnant quicker.  THANK GOD I do not have to drink another green smoothie!

Are you going through this right now?   If you have been trying for more than six months my research suggests you start looking for help or answers. Bust your own myths, put the Kale smoothie down and work out your own next steps with http://ivf.com.au/contraception-to-conception

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