LG Twinwash review

LG TWINWash Review

LG Twinwash review / LG washing machine review

You may have seen the ads on TV or online- the fanciest washing machine you have ever seen- the LG TWINWash! It promises two separate washing machines in one, plus a dryer. Basically, if it could fold the laundry every mum would be lining up around the block for one of these.

However, it does retail for around the $4k mark, so let’s break it down and see what it’s capable of, its strengths and its weaknesses! I asked you all what you wanted to know so below I’m answering all your questions as best I can!

LG TWINWash Review

LG TWINWash – Size and capacity

The LG TWINWash was delivered to my house- be prepared that you need a lot of space. There is nothing small about this machine- it’s like an industrial washer. So, before you order make sure you do your measurements. It’s 1340mm tall (nearly 1.5 meters people!), 700mm wide and 835mm deep. So, it’s a big unit.

LG TWINWash / LG washing machine review

The washing machine itself takes 16kg in the top washer and 2.5kg in the lower washing machine drawer. Not having ever owned a washing machine this large before, I didn’t realise just how big 16kg is- I can easily wash 12 beach towels. No sweat. It’s amazing!

The dryer only takes 9kg so if you want to wash and then immediately switch over to drying you need to make sure you only half fill the machine and don’t add anything in there that can’t be dried.

LG TWINWash- Water and Electricity usage

The energy rating for the washing machine part is 4 stars while the dryer is 2.5 stars

Usage wise it uses- Wash: 621kwh/365 uses | Dry: 373kwh/365 uses

For the water, it gets 4 stars is the WELS water ratings and the consumption is

164L (Wash) | 16L (Dry)

LG TWINWash Review- 16kg washing machine

Firstly, let me start by saying just how much I love this washing machine. The extra height means no more bending over near the ground and I love that they were thoughtful enough to add a light that comes on when you open the door. It’s a little thing but it makes a difference.

LG TWINWash / LG washing machine review

The amount that this machine can hold has cut my washing down from 8-10 loads a week (family of five with a swimming pool and a billion towels), to 4-5. All my pool towels get washed in one go, instead of 2-3 loads and it has made me far less cranky about the laundry in general. It also means a lot less dirty laundry in piles around the house waiting to be washed. It’s a running joke between my teens, who moan in tandem, “LAUUUNNDRYYY”, whenever I complain about the endless washing (so guess who is sorting the laundry right now!!!) They know not to argue with a cranky mum in the laundry.


Many of you asked if you could wash a queen size doona- absolutely! I’m pretty sure you could get a summer weight super king in there with no problem.

There is a range of washing settings and my favourite is that the FastWash can be customized with the spin speed you want. My last washing machine had FastWash but it didn’t spin the water out fast enough so I had to add another 15 minutes of spin for every load I did. The LG TWINWash weighs the laundry and adjusts the time according to the amount you are washing. FastWash varies from 30-40 minutes for me.

LG Twinwash review

You can also pause the machine to add more clothes which I love as my last machine didn’t have this option and it was the one thing I really missed with my top loader.

LG TWINWash Review- 2.5kg washing machine

This little washing machine is the washing machine I never knew I needed! It’s perfect for my husband’s stinky running gear and my son uses it a lot when he needs to wash his work clothes. It only washes in cold but it does the job!

LG Twinwash review / LG washing machine review

I’ve had questions about whether it operates on its own (it does, no need to run the big machine at the same time) and if it uses its own water supply (yes it does, there are two hoses.) The wash runs for about 35 minutes.lothes.

If you get one and you are looking for a liquid dispenser, it doesn’t have one. Just pour the liquid on the clothes.

LG TWINWash Review- dryer function

The most asked question from all of you was about the dryer. Many of you had been burnt (literally and figuratively) by washer/dryer combos in the past and you all want to know if this one is any different. Well, I’m sorry to say, it’s not. The dryer is the biggest let down here. It will take a long time to dry and it doesn’t completely dry everything. It’s more of an add-on than a reason that you would buy the machine for. For me, it shrank clothes and left them out of shape. It’s a shame but really the dryer is something you would only use for a school uniform emergency or something.

Verdict: Washing machine-wise, the LG TWINWash is king- it washes so well, holds so much and is easy to use. You may not have known you needed the second washer but once you live with it you won’t remember how you got by without it.

This is the perfect machine for people with big families– especially if you are the type to hang everything out and only use the dryer for emergencies. This would work perfectly.

If you have a big family and you dryer everything (like me) then you will still need your dryer (preferably a 16kg one so you don’t have to dry in shifts like I do). The dryer will not hold up for frequent dryer users.

Is it worth $4k? For big families with never-ending laundry- absolutely. There is no price on sanity and it’s given me so much more time out of the laundry.

It would also be great for daycare centres or other places you are doing a lot of washing on a daily basis.

If you don’t launder a lot or have a small family then give this one a miss.

For more info visit www.lg.com.au

*The LG TWINWash was gifted for review purposes but all opinions are my own.



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  2. Tammy

    Isn’t the soap dispenser thing on the top of the machine? Is there a section that slides back maybe? Idk. I’m looking at buying this machine and I was looking at pictures everywhere. There is a sidekick one sold in the US and it’s dispenser is at the top. I was wondering if maybe this is the same.


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