Locl Declutter Challenge- Week 1


As mums, we all know how out of control clutter can get. With toys, clothes, books, school work and everything else a family collects the house can go from presentable to pit in a matter of seconds. If you don’t take control every so often you could find yourself on an episode of horders!

So with this in mind we have partnered with the brand new app, Locl App, to challenge you (and ourselves) to a massive, pre winter declutter, over 4 weeks. Designed to be the world’s easiest way to buy and sell, Locl App gives users access to the instant and the serendipitous, all at the tap of a button.  And it’s free. Free to download. Free to list, free to buy.

As a busy mum of 3 I admit its chaos. I’m no organised housewife and my husband jokes it’s often survival of the fittest…

I opened the wardrobes today and decided to take action…


I started with the girls’ room. I have 2 yr old twins and they enjoy nothing better than a fumble in the old wardrobe, dragging clothing out to “play”, it can be pretty hectic and I needed be ruthless. Please refer to my ‘before’ photo and pass sympathy.

I emptied the whole wardrobe onto the floor. I had a system… I called it the “let it go” system… This system included an empty box for ‘give away’ and a bag to ‘sort & sell’. I also had a ‘chuck it out’ bag.

I went through every item, folding and putting back into wardrobe what was still needed, and putting the rest into relevant sections. I was ruthless. Luckily during intervals I had two tiny helpers to lob some items across the room and shriek in delight at the size 00 tutu that was on the way out.


During my organisation marathon I got all crafty and decided to label areas of the wardrobe with categories for example: PJs, dress ups, T-shirts. I’m not crafty or organised enough to come up with anything but chalk. It did the job and there are now clear instructions on where various items need to live. I’m hoping this may assist the husband in dressing the girls maybe once every 89 years.

I also grabbed a few little boxes and popped dress up items and all things girly away as they seem to be everywhere.   I also had an organizational epiphany and decided to put the collection of cuddly blankets into pillowcases. These cuddly blankets have all been bought or made by Great Nan. We have around 30 at last count. A few made the “give it away box” shhhhhhh don’t tell…!


I now have a large box to donate to a local mum and a big bag of items to sell on Locl


To make sure you get the most for my money I have a few tricks…


– Clean, ironed or new items sell best.

– Lay items flat to photograph

– Take photos in the best lighting you can.

– Never take pictures on the wrinkled bed sheets or grotty mat.

– Sell baby items in batches. Mums like value for money



Now that I’ve decluttered the kids’ clothing we want to challenge you to do the same… and we have a little incentive to get you working! Join our 4 week declutter challenge on instagram and facebook using #locldeclutter and you could win a $200 Howards Storage World Voucher!*

Download Locl here




*This competition is open to Australia residents over 18 only. The winner will be chosen through a random draw using Permit No ACT TP 14/00628 NSW LTPM/14/00108 each entrant unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with and abide by these Official Rules and the decisions of the sponsor. The sponsor will be responsible for providing the prize.

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