Locl Declutter Challenge- Week 2

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Well last week Lynsey took on the Locl declutter challenge for our first week– decluttering her kids’ wardrobes- so this week it’s my turn, and I’m taking on my wardrobe!

To start, I’m going to share my deepest, darkest wardrobe secret… I’m a pyjama hoarder! I kid you not- I have more pairs of PJs that I have clothes. I just love them! It doesn’t matter that half of them are losing their elastic (I pretty much have to hold up the pants of my fluffy duck pair but I still wont give them up!) My husband is trying to implement a ‘one in, one out’ policy but I’m not letting them go without a struggle!

I’m also super messy- while his side of the wardrobe is lovely and neat, with everything in its place in tidy piles I’m more of a ‘shove it in and worry about it later” type. (see exhibit A below!)

declutter before


So it’s time to declutter!!! I emptied all my shelves onto the bed to do a good sort out. I have three rules I follow when sorting out my clothes for the next season:

– Did I wear it last winter/summer? If not then out it goes because realistically if I didn’t like it a year ago I’m not going to wear it now! (the exception to this is if last year you were pregnant/breastfeeding and couldn’t wear your regular wardrobe)

– Is it completely out of date/style (and do I care???) I’m prone to hoarding a lot of stuff that I love- in fashion or not- but if you’re still clinging to your high waisted, stone washed jeans it might be time to let them go!

– What condition is it in? I’m all for keeping a few snuggly, pilled jumpers to wear around the house but if your inside clothes are beginning to outnumber your outside clothes it might be time to cull a few… its hard I know! (PJs are of course excepted from this cull!)

Right- so now we have done that, refolded your clothes and straightened up your hanging clothes- it should start to look a bit like this! (Exhibit B!)

declutter after

So now we are left with this big pile of clothes to sell! It’s probably best not to advertise them like this…



If you pick the right items you can make quite a bit of money reselling your clothes. Remember to present them nicely so that potential buyers can see their shape, colour and condition. Hang them on a white wall so that their colours stand out and make sure you have good lighting. If you have poor lighting inside take them outside in natural light.



So now you’ve sold your old unwanted clothes (on Locl App of course!) you can buy yourself a whole new winter wardrobe! (or several pairs of fluffy new PJs…!)


Tune in next week when I take on the kids’ toy declutter…!

Don’t forget you can join us with our decluttering and get in on the acton through instagram and Facebook, using #locldeclutter and you could win a $200 Howards Storage World Voucher!*

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