Mars Bar Slice Christmas Puddings and Christmas Wreaths

Mars Bar Slice Christmas Puddings and Christmas Wreaths

Mars Bar Slice Christmas Puddings and Christmas Wreaths

These Mars Bar Slice Christmas puddings and Christmas wreaths are perfect for class Christmas parties or Christmas Day desserts. They are easy to make, are no bake, and taste amazing! One batch of the recipe makes 24 mini Mars Bar Slice Christmas puddings, and six Mars Bar slice Christmas wreaths.

Mars Bar Slice Christmas Puddings and Christmas Wreaths

How to make them

Step 1

You will need;

1 batch of my Mars Bar Slice recipe

180g White cooking chocolate (I use Nestle Plaistow because I like it the best)

Red M&Ms


Spearmint leaves (chopped up)

Christmas sprinkles

Mini cupcake tins

Doughnut tins

Step 2

Mix up your batch of Mars Bar Slice, following my recipe for all the measurements and steps.

While the mixture is still warm, press it into the tins with the back of a spoon or your fingers. Don’t over fill them and smooth them out on top. There is no need to grease or prepare the trays beforehand.

Mars Bar Slice Christmas Puddings

Mars Bar Slice Christmas Wreaths

Refrigerate for at least two hours then remove from the tin using a teaspoon to loosen the mixture from the tin.

Step 3

Melt your white chocolate and then let it cool. (If you use it when it’s really hot it will melt into the slice and not look thick and white. So let it cool but not set.)

Once it has cooled, using a teaspoon to place a small scoop of white chocolate on the top of each pudding, then add a red M&M and two pieces of chopped spearmint leaves.

Mars Bar Slice Christmas Puddings

For the wreaths, spread the white chocolate around the top, then add a Jaffa and two pieces of spearmint leaves. Sprinkle the rest of the white chocolate with Christmas sprinkles (I’ve used mini candy canes and 100’s and 1000s).

Mars Bar Slice Christmas wreaths

Refrigerate for another hour until chocolate is set and then store in an airtight container for up to a week.

Hope you enjoy!


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