Merino Baby Australian Wool


It had never occurred to me to dress my baby in wool, I thought it would over heat him and big wooly knitted jumpers came to mind. After a bit of research I found out some very interesting facts about wool. Obviously wool is a natural fibre which means that it is good for the environment. It is renewable (you can always get more sheep) and biodegradable.

I was most interested to find out that wool is a very breathable fabric that actually regulates body temperature, therefore known as the ‘wonder fibre’. If there is any moisture on the skin the merino wool will draw it out into the atmosphere. Merino wool will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. It is soft on skin and doesn’t itch or irritate and is perfect for children with skin allergies or eczema.


I am certainly no domestic goddess so I was very happy to find out that merino wool is machine washable and you don’t need to iron it! Not only that, it is actually odour resistant so you actually don’t need to wash it as often. It also keeps it shape, and such good quality it will last for many years. It is also very safe to sleep in as it is naturally flame resistant, giving you peace of mind.


So where can you find these amazing products? Merino Baby of course! Their range includes leggings, dresses, cardigans, hoodies, long sleeve tops, vests, hats and mittens, wraps, coveralls and sleeping bags. All of their products are excellent quality, stylish and wont go out of fashion as they are all classic pieces. Not a knitted wooly jumper in sight.


Our household is now merino wool converted! Go to to view their selection.

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