Mornings with the Nescafé Dolce Gusto CIRCOLO


Sunshine and great coffee are two of my favourite things. The sunshine is not always predictable but now the coffee is…
As a mum with three toddlers who wake through the night, coffee plays an important part in my day. Not just any coffee will do, only GREAT coffee works. I was asked to road test the Nescafé Dolce Gusto CIRCOLO machine and I jumped at the chance.

Making a perfect Cappuccino with the CIRCOLO

Every one likes their coffee different. My coffee of choice is always a Cappuccino.


I enjoy a strong, regular size cappuccino. To make my cappuccino I simply set the wheel to a low setting on the machine (or you can match the capsule) setting. For the milk I like a small to regular serving so I hit the setting 3/4 high.

It’s as simple as spinning the wheel, then with the push of a button the capsule pours then the flow stops- leaving me with a perfect coffee! Separate capsules for coffee and milk makes it easier to prefect my coffee.

The CIRCOLO comes with the Play & Select wheel. This means turning the selection wheel to your desired setting. EASY! Nescafé Dolce Gusto cappuccino capsules come in a box with the milk capsules separate.

Coffee quality: Outstanding.
Usability: Most simple machine I have used.
Machine noise level:Does not wake the kids.
Size: compact enough to sit on bench or pop in pantry. Light and easy to lift.
Cost: RRP $229.00
Colours: red & black
Maintaining: No need to clean after every use. Simply descale your machine after every 6 months.

If your looking for a great value, compact yet high performing instant coffee machine that can produce you a perfect cup of coffee then the CIRCOLO is a perfect choice for you. The range of coffee capsules available is also fantastic with everyone’s choice on the menu. I have started to begrudge any coffee purchases when I’m out and about as I crave my own perfect formula I have for my Cappuccino at home.


P.s The hot chocolate capsules are to die for! Such a nice treat on the rainy days… I stash them away from the big kids. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell..

All comments & images are property of This machine was gifted to us by Nescafé for a product review.

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