Mother and Daughter Time with Barbie

Barbie dress ups

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With Tully in daycare three days a week, work, blogging, teenagers and everything else that happens in life it’s important to me to have one day a week with Tully that we spend together, doing things that she loves. She’s growing up so fast and I love having time with her to explore, create, play and encourage her imagination. On our day together we don’t run errands, or do any boring ‘mum’ stuff, instead I try and make it as fun as possible. Here’s a few things we love to do:

Dress ups

Because she is three dress ups are one of Tully’s FAVOURITE things right now. She loves to dress up as a princess the most (of course) but she also loves to dress up her dolls… and the cat! I love hearing the stories she tells me when she dresses up, it’s like as soon as that princess dress is on the imagination starts flowing and there’s a whole elaborate world she’s created. She’s also started creating storylines for her dolls as well which is very cute.

Dress ups with Barbie

Play Dough

Along with dressing up, Tully also loves to create dresses for her dolls- from play dough! She is OBSESSED with these play dough videos on YouTube and loves making play dough dresses for her dolls. She will sit for hours designing intricate creations for her dolls to wear. It’s also something that is great for her fine motor skills, creativity and concentration.

play dough with Barbie


I love baking. It’s one of my favourite things to do, with and without Tully! One of the nicest things about baking is having the chance to share my love of it with my kids. My older daughter is getting quite good now (my son just wants to eat it) and Tully loves getting up on her stool and helping bake. It’s a great way to introduce procedure as well, they learn how to follow directions step by step. Plus of course you get to eat it at the end!


With Tully starting school in a few years I’m aware how fast the time goes now, after all the other two are 14 and 16 and I swear they were born yesterday! So although she can drive me crazy some times having this time with her is something I’m loving and I’m not in a hurry to give it up.

Growing up my mother and I spent a lot of time playing with my dolls (well she says I just bossed her around and told her what to say until my sister could take her place!) but that’s playing… right?

If you’re in need of some more ideas for mother-daughter time take a look at this super cute video the people over at Barbie put together!

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65 thoughts on “Mother and Daughter Time with Barbie

  1. Karlene

    I was flowergirl for my big sister’s wedding so mum and I traipsed to every formal wear shop in Brisbane.

  2. Marlene czamanski

    Dressing the barbies in all different outfits and my mum making cardboard backdrops so I could play

  3. Kirsty

    There are so many fantastic memories I have of hanging out with mum and we still make time to hang out as much as we can these days. As we both have sweet tooth’s, the one below is my all time fave…

    Getting into the kitchen with mum, both with our over sized aprons on,
    Adding a extra sprinkle of our favourite ingredients to the mixing bowl was always our special touch,
    Then getting to lick a beater each – Yummo!
    We were proud as punch when Dad come home and we had an after dinner treat to present and to share with him.

  4. Melissa

    I was the spitting image of my mum, and everywhere we went, people always said, “wow, you look so much like your mum” As a tween, I used to always reply with “no I don’t, my mum looks like me”.
    Mum used to always look at me and smile, and years down the track we used to laugh about it.
    I am so grateful to have that memory and also that my beautiful late mum was about to fill me in on how she used to love hearing me tell that to people.

  5. Peta N

    I loved Sunday sleep ins with my Mum,
    curled up warm with her in bed.
    We’d chat about my week,
    as she gently stroked my head.

  6. Karlee Marlow

    My favourite memory is of mum always applying her lipstick every morning regardless of where she was going.

  7. Michelle V

    My favourite memory of my mum would have to be the day she picked my sister and I up from school on a rainy winter’s day with her hair in foils and a hairdresser’s cape flapping in the wind, like some sort of deranged superhero. Turns out her hairdresser was running behind with her appointments, and mum didn’t want us walking home in the rain so she braved it and picked us up like that. At the time I was mortified. Now, as a mum, I feel well and truly blessed that she cared so much

  8. Caroline Kelly

    Domestic chores – as an adult, these skills have helped on a daily basis and saved me a fortune.

  9. Kristy

    My favourite moment is when my mum used to Walk me to school and all we would do is talk about random things.

  10. Tamara Palmer

    I always looked forward to mum reading me stories before bedtime. My favourites were he ones she used to make up herself.

  11. Belinda

    My mum used to make my barbie clothes out of a rectangle and a piece of string a it a NE k hole cut out, I loved that we always got new clothes!

  12. Kerrie Tullipan

    One of us would create a hairstyle on one barbie then the other one would have to copy it on another barbie. We would spend hours doing this with our little hairbrushes and water spray bottles. Then we would take a photo of our finished barbies and get Dad to vote who did the best hairstyle!

  13. Kasey Milne

    Greatest memory I have of my mum and I is when I was about 18 i was really sick I always go home when I’m sick back to my mums warm bed her cuddles and her just being my mum it was the first moment as an adult that I relised what my mum really does for me even when I’m fully grown and what she will continue to do unconditional love

  14. Kerryanne

    Going to work with mum after school she taught me the true meaning of caring about others and making sure they were treated with respect


    Just spending time with Mum was a treasure cause she worked so hard for us, just being with her was fun, cooking, resting and gardening.

  16. Carlie white

    i always remember dressing up in my mums clothes and pretending to go to work or to the shops to get things for my mum

  17. Nicole

    I just remember Mum always being there for us and the bond we had as I got older was amazing. Unfortunately when I lost my Mum to cancer I also lost my best friend. She gave us a happy child hood from hardly any money.

  18. Leslee Moyle

    When I was young I was into car, trucks and all things that Dad would do! My little girl is very much girly.

  19. Holly

    I grew up with 2 older brothers and a younger brother as well! Mum used to take me out of school early every so often for milkshakes and shopping without the boys around! I used to look forward to it so much!

  20. Tracey

    With 4 other siblings, any one-on-one time with mum was special however, my favourite memory is of us making an apron together in secret, for my sister’s birthday.

  21. Narelle Rock

    I loved bright and sunny Sunday mornings, Mum and I would get in the kitchen and cook up pancakes or bacon and eggs for the whole family together, was always lots of fun with music going and singing and dancing, often a big mess made but precious memories.

  22. Tiffany Hallard

    One of my favourite memories with my mum is definitely playing with barbies! As we got older though we definitely loved monopoly and scattergories

  23. Kerrie Lawson

    If you’re Mum to a young girl, you know that one of the greatest joys you’ll share in this special relationship, is playing Barbies together.

  24. Lisa S

    My mum was (and is!) an Army mum so she often missed special events like mother’s days and birthdays. However, she made up for it by ensuring we had our girl bonding time together by signing us both up to girl guides! Her awesome skill set made her the perfect assistant guide leader! She’d share with us her stories and her bush survival skills. She’d organise camping trips and teach us to make and cook from scratch over open campfires. She helped me master my square lashings and introduced me to the fun of hiking, canoeing and rock climbing. Together (with 40 or so and our closest guide friends!) we even did a three week tour of Central Australia and climbed Ayers Rick. Having such a skilled (and cool mum!) made me the envy of both friends and classmates. I loved every second of my sometimes crazy childhood (not many kids can go to school and say their mum invited the entire Thai army rifle shooting team over for dinner the night before!) but my favourite and proudest childhood memory simply comes from having my mother pick me up from primary school in her army uniform and feeling like the luckiest kid in the school, as every other student, teacher and parent stared in surprise!

  25. Karen McCain

    The look on mums face when I got the scissors to a brand new barbie I got for Christmas, it was priceless. Let’s just say that barbie was bald lol.

  26. Kristina S

    A friend and I would be dressing Barbies with our girls a wardrobe I envied LOL even after the girls lost interest we were still matching outfits doing hair etc. You’re never too big to play Barbie dressups

  27. Kylie B

    My mum letting me pick a cake each year from The woman’s weekly cake book for my birthday. The amazement of watching it come to life is one of my happiest memories. I’ve now carried on the tradition with my five children.

  28. Jenny

    I was the oldest of 3 so didn’t get a lot of one on one time with Mum but I remember going shopping for an outfit for my great uncles wedding and her letting me pick it, first time I was allowed to choose my own outfit!

  29. Angela Vearing

    Making apple pie together. She would always make extra dough as my brother and I would eat all the top if she didn’t. Still makes my belly warm and tingly when I think of this.
    Also going through her shoe and lipstick collection. Loved being just like her. And today she’s my best friend and is making these special memories with my kids. It’s beautiful to see them together.

  30. Alicia Bardsley

    Going shopping in “the big city” Melbourne with mum. We would catch the train in and have a girls’ day out together

  31. Chantel Batley

    My mum provided me with great opportunities to excel at basketball….it was also our time together away from my siblings.

  32. Lisa hardy

    Mum and i love to bake together and we would play with my dolls and play with my folls house we had a ball

  33. Elise

    When I was little, I used to think it was amazing to come inside from playing and find the kitchen all warm, with smells or vanilla or cinnamon in their air. I’d sit with my back to the wall, playing quietly and watch while Mum bustled around pulling together cakes, scones, fudges, all kinds of yummy things. Every now and then, when my big sister wasn’t around to chuck up a stink, Mum would slip me the beater, or the spoon, and I would spend another happy 10 minutes working my tongue in and out of the spokes of the beater, getting all the yummy mixture off. Those warm kitchen afternoons were always followed by school fetes, or Church bakes sales or events, so there were always more good times to follow.

  34. shontelle

    Once, we had to dress up as “first fleet” for primary school.
    Mum was just about to have my Baby sister and was too sick to sew a costume for me
    BUT the night before she made a BEAUTIFUL first fleet outfit for my doll!
    I still have that doll and it’s tattered old dress! =)

  35. Shereen

    my mum had the longest most beautiful hair in the world. It reached down
    To her bottom and was thick and straight. When i was little I used to sit on her bed and watch her brush it, she’d let me brush it sometimes which I loved. And when she wasn’t looking I’d sneak in her room and use her brush in hopes that my hair would become like hers. It didn’t 🙁

  36. Natalie

    I used to love playing dress ups with mum. She’d have a suitcase kept under the bed with all her old shoes, handbags and dresses. She’d let me put on whatever I want and then style my hair in fancy braids and put make up on me. I was like mum’s real barbie doll! I think she enjoyed it just as much as me 🙂

  37. Cherry Paige

    My favourite Mother and Daughter memory is that my mum used to hand make so many special clothes for all my barbies to wear.

  38. Michelle Brown

    My mother made us matching dresses, I loved wearing that dress it made me feel so grown up to look just like mum 🙂

  39. Emma

    A childhood memory of my Mum and I was when I was 13, I was sitting in the backyard when I noticed my dog “Buddy” playing with something, I went to check it out when I realised he was actually playing with next doors Guinea Pig. I ran screaming into Mum saying Buddy has killed next doors Guinea Pig, I have no idea how Buddy even got it out of the cage. Mum decided the best way to handle this was to give the Guinea Pig a bath because Buddy had been throwing it around in the dirt, then we decided to get out the hair dryer and dry it off. The plan was to sneak it back into the cage without next door noticing. That night Mum and I waited till it was dark and snuck next door to put it back in its cage. Hopefully the neighbours would just think it had died of natural causes, however the next morning the neighbours came over freaking out saying that their Guinea Pig had died a couple of days ago and they had buried it and now it is back in its cage. Mum and I played it cool saying that is strange, it still makes me laugh every time I think of that night with Mum.

  40. Susan

    so many memories with barbies and my 3 daughters now I’m on the floor with my 6 granddaughters have more fun and making more barbie memories

  41. Neva Wethereld

    One fateful day when I was a girl,
    My whole world was sent into a swirl!
    Dad accidentally mowed my Barbie doll,
    Her head and body ravaged and out of control!
    Luckily mum swooped in to save the day,
    Complete with bandages to put my worries at bay.
    Barbie was laid to recover overnight,
    While mum and I cuddled very tight!
    The next morning I awoke with a fright,
    To see that Barbie had vanished from sight!
    I ran to my mum with tears streaming,
    And found her with Barbie in bed and beaming!
    Secretly mum had bought a replacement,
    But to me it was a miracle and I screamed in amazement!
    My best friend had recovered and looked better than ever,
    And thanks to mum we’d have many more adventures together!

  42. Xzavia green

    Barbie was my life until I was about 12.
    My fav moment with my Mum was when she lwt me dress up as Gem for a school fancy dress day in grade 5.
    She did my makeup for the first time ever and dressed me in hot pink.
    It was such a special time, i felt so grown up and connected to the woman i idolized.

    On a side note- i am so proud of my Miss 9 who adores, respects and plays with her Barbies every day.
    Let kids be kids as long as possible!


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