Mother’s Day Giveaway


Don’t wait until Mother’s Day to get spoilt we have teamed up with the best brands to bring you some treats.

Tell us what you want to win in our Mother’s Day giveaway…!

UberKate Necklace


Treasure forever a classic Inner Circle necklace from Uberkate ($139).


Najo Jewellery



Dress to impress with Najo Huggie earrings (rrp $89) and bless me bracelet (rrp $49) From Najo


Witjuti Sleepwear Pack



Witjuti wants you to get cosy with their nightwear collection in organic bamboo cotton.

Dressing Gown (rrp$99)

Drawstring pants (rrp $82)

Long Sleeve Henley (rrp $72)


On Running Shoes



Get fit and outdoors with a gorgeous pair of On Running Cloud grey/neon pink runners (rrp $189)


Breville Inissia Bundle – Fuchsia Velvet


Playful colours. Unique pleasure Wake up with Inissa Nespresso’s coffee machine from Breville with the Aeroccino3 milk frothing device.

(rrp $249.00)



Aligra Handbag


Be stylish with Aligra Designs beautiful Italian leather Tanya bag (rrp $169)


Offspring Gift Pack


JB HIFI and Interflora  bring you a weekend on the couch with a Offspring hamper (RRP $220.00) feet up, watching Offspring, drinking wine, eating chocolate (priceless)

A beautiful bunch of ‘Nora’ flowers from Interflora

The Offspring Complete Seasons 1 – 5 DVD boxset, valued at $86.98 Plus chocolates & a bottle of wine.


Frankie4 Shoes 


Stand out from the crowd and wear the most comfy shoes you will ever find with a pair of shoes of your choice from (rrp $200)



Enjoy a day out with Polo Society 


Win a GA family pass which includes food and a bottle of French champagne to the Polo.

(Rrp $220)


To win enter follow the Rafflecopter app below and then comment on the blog what prize you want and why!

(T&Cs- Available to Australian residents over 18 only. This is a game of skill. One prize per household. Prizes may vary from images)

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165 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Giveaway

  1. Hayley

    What a lovely giveaway. The coffee machine is essential for any mum Alternatively the mako jewellery looks fabulous but really any of it is delightful!

  2. Anna

    I would love the Offspring Prize pack…can you believe it, my tv died the night before Patrick did! So I’ve never even seen the most important bit. Scroll back and Play.

  3. Jodie

    I would bs absolutely thrilled with some trendy new on running cloud shoes!
    My current pair desperately need to be uograded and with some new ones I might just actually start going to the gym more often!

  4. Alex

    The prizes all look amazing – so really I’d be thrilled to win any (bright pink coffee maker? yes please!) but I think my favourite is the Aligra bag because it’s a bit odd to still be using a nappy bag when your baby is 4!

  5. Cathie

    Such awesome prizes, would be stoked with any of them.
    If I had to pick one it would be the Uberkate necklace. Thanks Stuff Mums Like 🙂

  6. Amber Fuller

    I would LOOOOVE the Frankie 4 footwear… pleeeeeease 🙂 I desperately need something to spruce up my winter wardrobe. Would make my Mothers Day. Thanks SML 🙂 xx

  7. Rebecca

    All the prizes are fabulous but if I had to pick one I’d pick the UberKate Necklace.
    I’ve been in love with the UberKate range for ages & hubby doesn’t seem to be getting the hints !!!

  8. Selina

    What a great way to celebrate mums! Thanks. I would be absolutely chuffed with the On Running Cloud joggers because it would give me the motivation to look after my health during the upcoming Winter months (whilst setting a great example for my kidlets – win-win!).

  9. Rebecca Perry

    I would love a new pair of shoes from Frankie 4 footwear, a new pair of winter boots is just what I need.

  10. jessica meek

    Omg i would love to win a pair of frankie4 boots for this mothers day after having my second bub 14 weeks ago im sick of spending more money on my kids shoes and mummy doesnt get any

  11. Polly

    All such fab prizes that it’s hard to choose one favourite! I think the uberkate necklace will have to be my choice, as I only ever wear silver and have long coveted a necklace from uberkate! The chances of kids/hubby thinking of getting me something like this are zero too!!!

  12. Nicole Dent

    I would love to win the Frankie prize pack as I really need a pair of winter boots, and they look Devine !!

  13. Jessica Dalziel

    I would love the bright pink Breville Nespresso machine because it’s super cute & super stylish! I could drink my coffee at home in style 🙂

  14. Anita Hudson

    I would love to win the Breville coffeemachine to support me in my coffee addiction to get through the day looking after my little ones.

  15. Nicole Searles

    Thanks stuff mums like…I would truly be happy with any of these great items..
    If I had to choose I would say the aligra bag or the witjuti nightwear.

  16. Diane

    I’d love the Uberkate necklace to engrave my kids’ names on it. Or maybe another quote like “if you can read this you’re standing too close”

  17. Julia Clements

    All mummies are deserving of something special and all the prizes are amazing. I just want to be able see all those jelly faces when I get those boots on my feet!!

  18. Monique Layton

    I would love love the frankie 4 foot ware. Some new boots would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift and I love shoes!!!

  19. Kate

    I’d love the offspring giftpack, so that I can sit and watch something that I want to watch. No kids shows, no boring stuff the other half wants to watch, something girlie for once!

  20. Amanda Drain

    I would so love to win the handbag from Aligra Designs. Stylish, functional and beautiful quality, what more could a mum want?!?

  21. sapna

    I would love to win cloud grey/neon pink runners for my mum so that she can run her weekly parkrun in these comfortable runners – she inspires me a lot with her active lifestyle.

  22. Sarah Fleming

    What a fantastic array of prizes, so hard to choose which one I would love to win most!

    My choice in the end (after much deliberation!) is the beautiful UberKate necklace. I have been ogling her website in the lead up to mothers day, with so many things on my wishlist. But I am being realistic, we just do not have the budget to be able to spend much on mothers day, which is okay, its just another part of being a Mum 🙂

  23. Tara

    Thank you girls for putting on a great prize draw! I’d be a happy winner with any of those prizes! The jewellery is beautiful, but truely it would be a super Mumma day being a winner on SML :))

  24. Rachel

    Oh I would love love love to win the Frankie4 shoes!! My boys have 867,496 pairs of shoes between them and I have, like, 4!

  25. Jean Rutherford

    I’d love an Aligra Handbag, my current bag has passed its “best by” date and is just waiting to be retired!

  26. Tracey

    The frankie4 shoes would be great. Need some new shoes, cause I haven’t bought any for a few years.

  27. Carolyn E

    The Witjuti Sleepwear pack sounds deliciously comfortable and would be a wonderful prize to win. I always put off buying new pjs as there always seems to be something more important to buy. My current sleepwear is rather holey (not to be confused with Holy, which they certainly aren’t, but the Witjuti sound rather divine!)

  28. Nicole Rodriquez

    I’d love the breville nespresso machine, hubby and I love our coffee but it gets expensive buying coffee at cafés, and no one likes instant!! 🙂

  29. Elise

    Aligra Handbag or the Frankie4 shoes – because I rarely have such beautiful pieces to wear and it would be lovely to feel polished up!

  30. Laura Powers

    The running shoes I gave birth to our 2nd son 2 weeks ago and I have some serious pregnancy weight to lose!

  31. Krisite

    What a wonderful giveaway! There are going to be 9 very lucky mums out there when this is drawn!! Congrats in advance, I am a winner already as i will be spending Mother’s Day with my beautiful boys (hopefully meltdown free) and we are doing something inexpensive but special for just us.

  32. Heather

    I’d love the coffee machine – mine just broke 🙁 I have a 4mo and a 3yo so i really need caffeine

  33. Hannah

    I am obsessed with offspring and feel Nina is one of my kin. I would absolutely love the offspring prize pack!

  34. Cathy Bolwell

    I would absolutely love a new handbag (my computer bag is my old nappy bag so I think time for an upgrade). Love your prizes.

  35. Rohit

    UberKate Necklace would be a superb prize to win – I will present it to my mom along with home baked cupcakes and a book – this will definitely make her smile everyday.

  36. Lisa J

    I checked that gorgeous robe out on Witjuti’s website. It’s Kenya, which means to breathe. And that I’d love to do, would surely do, with the touch of soft lovely bamboo cotton. Organic to boot. Ah…

  37. Renee Dahl

    I would LOVE the coffee machine – I feel like i need coffee every 5 minutes but being pregnant they don’t work together. Can’t wait to have coffee again!!!

  38. Lea Anita Black

    I would love the Aligra Designs Italian Leather Tanya bag! It would be the best bag I have ever
    had in my entire 54 years of life!

  39. carmen

    The Frankie 4 shoes i love shoes and having recently roadtripped/moved across country i wasn’t able top bring all my shoes!

  40. Peta-Lee Bartlett

    I’m ready to move on, I need a stylish handbag instead of a nappy bag! The Aligra Hadbag would be the perfect rebound bag

  41. Debbie Mowatt

    im in desperate need of a new pair of decent joggers, so I’d love the On Cloud Prize… Thanks for the chance

  42. Tara

    Any of these prizes would be fantastic as I will be alone this Mother’s Day. ;( if I had to pick on though, I would have to say the frankie 4 shoes. I haven’t Brough anything for myself in 4yrs. The shoes would just make my year.

  43. Melissa

    I would love to win the Frankie 4 Footwear, a quality pair of boots is just what need for winter

  44. Katherine Styles

    I would love to win the Witjuti Sleepwear. My daggy flannelette pyjamas are in need of replacing.

  45. Mary tan

    I would love to win the running shoes so that i could give it to my mother-inlaw because she needs a new jogging shoes.

  46. Zoe Mosley

    I would LOVE to win the Uberkate necklace as Its stunning and something i can have just for me. I feel like being selfish this mothers day as alot of the time the money is spent on my husband and our 4 children.

  47. Belinda Smith

    The überKate necklace would be perfect – understated and stylish. All Mums need a little bit of style to give them confidence.

  48. Sara Holley

    With winter coming up, I would love a new pair of shoes from Frankie4 Shoes. I live in thongs and need something to keep me warm 🙂

  49. Claire Thrower

    Frankie 4 shoes voucher, would really love a new pair of ankle boots for winter, and Frankie has so many amazing styles that i would love, perfect mothers day pressie.

  50. Wendy Traill

    The On Running Cloud runners are very cute, and just the ting to get me hitting the pavement once again – if nothing else, my feet will be looking good!

  51. Ariel Riley

    Mum needs new shoes desperately so the Frankie shoes would be ideal to treat her this mother’s day.

  52. Ying Ying TAN

    There is nothing like a good cup of coffee as a treat, mum would LOVE the Breville Inissia Bundle in her favourite colour too!

  53. Lyn M

    The ‘Uberkate’ necklace, because I need a reminder of the inner strength within me when I face each new day. Beautiful.

  54. Nicole kent

    The Uberkate necklace it is for me
    The perfect gift from my little 3
    Something to treasure and wear each day
    All I want for Mother’s Day!

  55. karina l

    My Mum needs a new Nespresso machine to keep herself awake when Dad starts going on his daily rants.

  56. Kylie M Harris

    On running shoes would be great, so i can do my walking in comfort with decent shoes, and a healthy Mum is a happy one

  57. Belle

    The Offspring pack! I was living in the USA for the last 5 years and have never seen a single episode. My Aussie friends have mentioned it in the past and still talk about it and I feel very left out of the conversation now that I’m back in Oz. I’ve heard it’s a must-watch.

  58. Jennifer B.

    I’M TORN between the Frankie4 Shoes and the Najo Jewellery… I’ll leave it to you to choose which end of me you beautify!

  59. Lorna M

    I would really love the Inissa Nespresso’s coffee machine from Breville, I’m love café coffee and having my own coffee machine would absolutely fabulous.

  60. Jill Walton

    Oh, option paralysis – too many fantastic things to just choose one! I do love Frankie4 Shoes.

  61. Melissa

    I’d LOVE the Breville Inissia Bundle in Fuchsia Velvet.

    I LOVE my coffee and with these benefits why not!

    * Coffee Can Improve Energy Levels and Make You Smarter. …
    * Coffee Can Help You Burn Fat. …
    * The Caffeine Can Drastically Improve Physical Performance. …
    * There Are Essential Nutrients in Coffee. …
    * Coffee May Lower Your Risk of Type II Diabetes. …
    * Coffee May Protect You From Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.

  62. Mick G

    Breville Inissia Bundle – Fuchsia Velvet as Mum loves a great coffee and the machine colour is amazing

  63. Lisa G

    Father Time is chasing me down and Mother Nature is hot on my heels but at least with On Running Shoes, I’ll look as good as feeling fit feels.

  64. Ern

    Aligra Handbag this way the choice is made. Wife aka Mummy desperately needs a new hand bag but the indecision while we’re in store is driving me insane. Please let me get to give this to her for Mothers Day. Make a man happy!

  65. Rebecca Haines

    I would be so grateful to win the Inissa Nepresso Coffee Machine. I haven’t purchased a coffee machine as yet. This would be a dream to win for Mother’s day and be able to have a relaxing superb frothy coffee with my daughter.

  66. Mary Daniel

    Oh I couldn’t go past the Uberkate necklace! I would love to have my own Uberkate piece after lusting over them for years!

  67. Mary Daniel

    I would love my very own Uberkate necklace! They are so stylish and such a wonderful keepsake.

  68. Jules

    Running shoes, earrings, bag, coffeeeee, squeal of excitement, there’s too much to choose from!! An Aligra Bag please, please, please!!

  69. Elke Watmore

    The Offspring Hamper – would be devine.
    Gazing lovingly at Dr Chris, Dr Patrick and Leo, devouring chocolates, sipping on wine, while being surrounded by a bouquet of gorgeous flowers.
    Best Mother’s Day Ever!!

  70. Tanya Clarke

    I’d love to gift the Aligra Designs beautiful Italian leather “Tanya” bag to my mum. How fitting!!

  71. Bianca Jane

    My mother has been getting around in $3 runners, oh dear! I’d love to win her the Running Cloud grey/neon pink runners for all the long days on her feet!

  72. Dorothy

    Aligra Designs beautiful Italian leather Tanya bag (rrp $169)

    I would love to give this to my mum who is 80 years old before she
    travels to Croatia in a couple of months for the last time to see her family.
    The Aligra bag would safely hold all her essentails for a memorable trip.
    We would be so proud to see her dress in luxury for once in her life.

  73. Anna Xynidakis

    Having just given birth to bub number 2 (just shy of 3 weeks old), I need all the inspiration I can get to get moving, so I would love a wonderful new pair of On Running Cloud grey/neon pink runners

  74. Teena Lewis

    Love the On Running Shoes pack, I am in desperate need of a new pair of running shoes as I am going to run a half marathon on July and have worn down my runners from all the training…

  75. CJ

    I’m loving the UberKate Necklace and Najo Jewellery. I do love the hand painted macaroni jewels the kids has made for me over the years with all my heart. But perhaps its time I got some of the real shiny stuff. Thank you for the opportunity.

  76. Cathy

    The gorgeous Uberkate necklace! Such a stylish and chic accessory to be treasured for years to come.

  77. Karla Oleinikoff

    The Offspring Hamper would be divine,
    It would let me relax and let my hair down.
    I have to work this Mothers Day,
    And because of that, I’m wearing a frown.

    With beautiful flowers to smell,
    And lovely wine to drink,
    And gorgeous chocolates in my tummy,
    This would definitely help me feel, in the pink!

  78. Amanda Kerr

    I’d love to win the Breville Coffee Machine for my mum- it would be the perfect pick-me-up she needs in the mornings before work.

  79. Kellie rawlings

    I would love the beautiful Najo set. Elegant and simple. Classic enough to pair with any outfit.

  80. Kristy winters

    Selfishly Aligra Handbag as a family of six and the mum I always find myself at the bottom of the list for non essentials and I need/want a new bag so bad.

  81. melanie w

    The Offspring gift pack would be amazing for some me time
    give me a chance to relax and unwind
    no kids today your not the boss of the TV
    This Mothers day i claim it for me!

  82. Ange Fletcher

    The Frankie 4 shoes – I can’t remember the last time I indulged myself with great shoes

  83. deb Scott

    My feet would be very happy if I were to win the beautiful shoes from Frankie4 shoes Thankyou

  84. Amber jones

    I not fused. It would be nice just to win something as I’ve been going through such a difficult time lately with my grandmother passing away on my daughters birthday

  85. Lisa W

    What lovely prizes! I’d love to win the Uberkate necklace as I’m finally coming out of the stage where the 2 year old breaks my necklaces by wanting to pull on them the whole time.

  86. Jodie Koeleman

    I’d love the On Running Shoes! I’m learning to run longer than 30 seconds without collapsing so these would help make the task that little bit easier 😉

  87. evelyn

    I figure Winter is as great a time as any to get out and about in some new joggers. And I LOVE the look of the neon and grey [on running] shoes. I will tell my friend that I’m ready to join her for her night runs.

  88. Nhan

    wonderful giveaway – how lovely! The Frankie shoes would be great as I would love a winter pair!

  89. Katherine Meaney

    Polo prize – I live for and work with horses. I work tirelessly in the morning and evening to make ends meet in a job that certainly doesn’t pay well, but I love every minute of it. They are amazing majestical creatures and if I would spend a day in their presence enjoying them rather than cleaning up their poop I’d be over the moon 🙂 x

  90. Sally

    How funny…I was eyeing of some boots on the Frankie 4 Footwear website just before I saw this comp. Would absolutely LOVE a pair of those boots to soothe my sore feet. I live in boots all winter and to have a pair that cushion and support your feet without losing style is simply amazing. Yes, please! 🙂

  91. Cate

    I’d love to win the runners! Not only will they inspire me to get exercising, but they are also so trendy. I definitely need this, as one of my students told me the other day that his Great grandma has the same shoes as me- ha ha!

  92. Jaclyn

    I would love to win the Frankie 4 footwear prize, I have an addiction to shoes…Happy Mother’s Day!

  93. Anna hopkins

    I would love love love to win the Alegra bag prize pack. Practical yet stylish for those days when you don’t want to look mumsy but need to carry the world with you. Happy Mother’s Day all.

  94. Monique Walkinshaw

    So many beautiful choices! I think I would live the new running shoes. I recently had ankle surgery and I hope to be able to get back to some walking and running soon.

  95. Michelle dewis

    Some shoes from Frankie 4, as shoes for me are usually the last thing on the list of necessities and it would be a great treat to get a pair of comfy trendy shoes!

  96. Carolyn King

    The Witjuti Sleepwear Pack sleeps sooo luxurious, and would look and feel great on. I don’t have a nice sleepwear outfit, and this would look great on me.

  97. Lyndall

    I’d love the Frankie 4 shoes please! I’ve never owned a pair of shoes that cost more than $30 because the kids shoes come first and I’d love the chance to own a lovely pair of high quality boots- just for me!

  98. karen turner

    I’d love the Breville Inissia Bundle – Fuchsia Velvet so I could start my day with a nice cup of coffee.

  99. Elizabeth Kaminski

    I would love any of these prizes but I think the coffee machine would be amazing so I can have my mum for coffee and share my prize with her!

  100. Megan Canfarini

    I would love the on running shoes because I lost 25kg before falling pregnant , my little boy is now 9 months old and I still have about 15kg to go to get back to where I was. A new pair of runners would give the motivation I need to get exercising again

  101. Renata Marchionna

    I would love to win Frankie4 shoes or On running Cloud shoes. Would love to have awesome new shoes.

  102. kathy Ferguson clark


  103. R. McCarthy

    My mother just lost her mother and everything was god bless so as a symbol of her mother the beautiful Bless me bracelet and Najo huggie earrings would be of such value!!

  104. Sarah Phillips

    Coffee is something that I crave,
    The Nespresso machine is my fave.
    I don’t make coffee so well,
    So winning this prize would be swell!

  105. annette carey

    I’d love to win the Witjuti sleepwear. Something cosy to put on and sleep in is the.perfect way to end a hard day of mothering 🙂 And that dressing gown looks perfect to slip on on these cold Tasssie mornings.

  106. Julia Parker

    Aligra Designs beautiful Italian leather Tanya bag. Im in desperate need of a new, functional yet stylish handbag 🙂

  107. Raquel Smith

    A Mothers Day wouldn’t be the same without Witjuti Sleepwear Pack. I would love this please x

  108. Lisa Singh

    Stylish, yet comfortable, with variety of design.
    I really wish some Frankie4 Footwear could be mine!
    In fact, winning a pair would be absolutely devine!

    1. Lisa Singh

      Stylish, yet comfortable, with variety of design.
      I really wish some Frankie4 Footwear could be mine!
      In fact, winning a pair would be absolutely divine!

  109. sam minshull

    I would love the frankii foortwear prize, I have nothing fashionable and flash to wear on my feet this winter! everything I have is old and outdated! I am a yummy mummy that would love to look as fab as I feel x

  110. Evelyn Hubbard

    Very tough to choose, as they’re all such fantastic prizes, but I would really LOVE to win the Breville Inissia Bundle – Fuchsia Velvet! I’ve always wanted a Nespresso machine since they came out but, even with some great sales on at times, I haven’t been able to afford one yet. I’ve had a seemingly never ending wave of extra bills and bad luck the for the past year, so coffee has been a real treat and helped me to keep going and keep up with my 3 kids, haha! Having ‘Inissa Nespresso’s coffee machine from Breville with the Aeroccino3 milk frothing device’ would be an absolute dream come true, and a life saver! Thank you for running some an incredible giveaway! Good luck everyone, and Happy Mother’s Day! 😀

  111. Julia Mason

    I would love the Tanya Bag, it looks so stylish and swish, most importantly it looks like it would hold half my life! And that’s a great thing when I have two lovely kids.

  112. Helena L

    I’m gunning for those new On Running runners, because THIS is the year I’m going to jog up to my local oval and burn some tracks into that grass!!

  113. Harmony

    All prizes are amazing and would be thrilled with any of these! However you asked me to choose, so I’d have to say Frankie 4 Footwear, please. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  114. Joanne

    Offspring Gift Pack….a good way for this busy working mum to wind down and relax with this Mothers Day 🙂

  115. Christial

    I’d love the Witjuti Sleepwear Pack! I’m in my PJs 90% of the time nowadays.. (Well I figured if I’m not going out, why bother getting changed!) lol.. With this beautiful sleepwear pack, I don’t have to choose between being comfy or stylish! (Gives me another excuse to stay in my PJs!)

  116. Angela Vearing

    Aligra Handbag is what I need,
    Please, this statement you must heed.
    My bag is splitting apart,
    From all the things that I must cart.
    It’s getting tatty and old,
    This Aligra bag is a sight to behold.
    It would always be by my side,
    Worn with pride.

  117. Karly

    I’d be so happy to receive any of these items but if I had to choose just one it would be the Breville Nespresso coffee machine please….we received one from Santa two years ago and use it every morning. Our milk frother has a permanent burn in the bottom that I can no longer scratch off with the back of the teaspoon before I use it so I’d love a replacement. The capsule system is quick, easy and tastes as good as a cafe bought coffee.

  118. Linda Courtney

    I would love the Offspring Gift Pack. A prize that’s filled with everything for a great time.

  119. Neva Beaumont

    I’d love a vibrant Inissa Nespresso machine,
    Waking up each morning would be a dream!
    As a new mum my life’s been turned upside down,
    A coffee hit will make me feel less of a clown!

  120. Aleksandra S.

    Thanks for the chance <3 all great prizes, but i would LOOOOVE the Frankie 4 footwear one as this tired mummy feet are desperate for some comfy shoes


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