Mother’s Day- not always a “Hallmark day”…


mother's day

Sometimes Mother’s Day is just not all flowers and cards. Mother’s Day can be a reminder of what we have lost or don’t have or even for what we wish to have. 


To your mum who looks down on you from heaven.

To the mum who didn’t get to meet her precious child.

To the mum who watched her baby grow angel wings.

To the step mum who calls you their child.

To the Foster mum always saying goodbye.

To the mum who does it all alone.

To the mum whose partner works away.

To the mum who feels that no one cares.

To the mum who’s a million miles away.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing mums and to those who feel a little bit of their heart is missing please remember if you have or had the privilege to be called a “mum” you are one of the lucky ones. We have been given the greatest gift of all.

Hug those loved ones tight, Ladies. Stay strong.



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