Updating my Mummy Wardrobe with Sussan

photo2-10Surely I’m not the only mum who has a ‘mummy wardrobe’? I find myself spending 90% of my life in a maxi dress in summer and over stretched leggings and an oversized jumper or jeans and a t shirt in winter. A lot of my clothes I’ve had for about 7 or 8 years! You know how it is- you’re always buying the kids cute new outfits because they need them! That, combined with a teenage son that won’t stop growing and a teenage fashionista in training, means updating my wardrobe always comes last.

I recently declared my intention to live in leggings this winter, but I also think it’s time to step it up a bit, fashion wise. The baby is two now and I’m no longer covered in vomit and milk, so there’s no excuse! Besides, as Oprah tells us, we feel good when we look good! So, along with my new pledge to remember to wax my eyebrows more often than every second month, I headed to my favourite shop- Sussan!

My only problem with Sussan is that I always find too many things I want! This winter they have a lot of great tops to wear with leggings- which of course I love! I picked myself up this super cute black and white striped top- which is perfect because I can wear it in the day, but it also works for work and going out- and I got the BEST bag! Oh how I love the bag. Big enough to carry all the kid crap but stylish enough to not be seen as a baby bag, I haven’t put it away since I got it!


Anyway- enough about the bag and back to the clothes- the top is super comfortable! Above is me getting in some quality time with my new baby nephew (while avoiding being spewed on!) and then off we went to a cafe in the sun!


And you know what makes me know for sure that the top is great…? The teenage fashionista has already tried to steal it from me!

For all your winter needs head to www.sussan.com.au 




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