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Last week I had to attend to a real life emergency. My friend’s car broke down and she was stranded on the side of the road with no one to help. Being the super good friend that I am I raced out of the house to give her a hand. By the time I reached her, the kids had started to go crazy and she was trying to sign up on the phone for roadside assistance. I threw her kids in my mega truck and left her on the side of the road with an emergency bag of doughnuts and a bottle of water to cover all her nutrition needs…

I was officially a super hero for a few hours.

About 6 hours passed, and I was then instructed to deliver the spare kids I had acquired home. The car had been towed. Money had been spent. Wine had been opened. Tears had been shed.

I really didn’t think about the incident again until I got the notification from my insurance company that my policy was due for renewal. This also happened on the same week that Youi asked us to check them out.

This is a sponsored post for Youi but, since they managed to win me as a customer on both our cars its also an FYI for you all.

As the organiser of the household it’s my job to do all the boring important things like car insurance. April is the month that everyone wants our money for the year so it was time to do some detective work.

As much as I love the World Wide Web, when it comes to covering our safely and finances I want to speak to an ACTUAL person. So I checked out a few policies online then decided which to follow up with. I called my current insurer first and after 9885 rings and staying on hold I hung up and wacked my details into Youi’s website. I then immediately got a text message telling me I would get a call.


I got a call from Christian. I spent about 15 minutes on the phone to Christian. Christian could actually answer my questions and had no problem with me popping him on hold 908 times while I dealt with the three toddlers ransacking the house. WIN!

I did ask Christian why was he asking me so many questions. He told me that my answers help tailor my policy to suit my needs. Lucky he didn’t see my eye rolls down the phone. I told him my house looked like a crime scene and time was not my friend. As we got into the details I was quite surprised at some of the questions asked. I had never had an insurer ask me these before. Christian explained to me why they had been asked and I felt a tiny bit guilty for sounding like a crazy women. I found out that questions are GOOD! Questions can SAVE you money. It’s that simple.

Flash back to the stranded friend. After that incident I have had it on my mind a lot to get some roadside assistance but I didn’t have a spare couple of hundred dollars for a just in case situation.

I gave over my list of must haves on my policy because, while cost a really important factor, I also need a policy with additions. I need windows covered. I need a hire car if required. I expect a low excess.

Christian then started to fill me in on their new complimentary roadside assistance service. He rolled off perks like taxis, petrol, minor repair assistance, LOCK SMITH COVER (for when the kids chuck the keys in the bin), there are even tow trucks and hotels thrown into the deal. Of course there’s an official list but I’m just throwing a few examples of what ticked my boxes. I was hooked. Basically he had me at HELLO.

I spilled my life story to poor Christian, along with some facts that explained why this was the best news I had all week, and before I knew it more questions had been asked, numbers added up, comparisons made and just like that I had a policy organised. Before, when I heard about Youi I always thought “no frills”, but I think I’ve just stumbled upon, quite by accident, the best policy I’ve had.

My excess is now less that my previous insurer. I’ve got extras I need and the roadside assistance cover that I don’t need to drop even more dollars on. As a mum it’s really important that I have all these areas covered so I can sleep well at night (and get less wrinkles) but also the extras I want need to be affordable.

Check Youi car insurance out at:

On another note I don’t think after today’s phone call Christian will be rushing to have kids any time in the next 89 years. I put him on hold a million times too many and he witnessed at first hand what 3 toddlers fighting over one yogurt sounds like. Mr Youi if you read this- he might need counseling…!


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