MyKidz App Review

There’s a new App in town and we are excited to share it with you! Every mum needs this!

Introducing MyKiz App! The one stop shop for saving all your kids information and milestones and also a new place to chuck out “hang” the 1000 million pieces of “art” your little darlings create…

Mykidz app instantly appealed to me as organisation and keeping records are NOT my strong point. I have three kids under 4 and have no room left on my fridge for “art” and constant reminders. With the Mykidz app you can upload lots of information like appointments and milestones:


Only keep the finest artwork for the fridge and don’t be afraid to chuck store the rest on Mykidz app:


Do you have favourite photos that you don’t want lost on your iPhone camera roll or you want to keep handy to perhaps make some photo albums? Store them in Mykidz app. It’s so easy to upload and find them when needed:


With MyKidz you can upload individual details for each child. You can even record pregnancy milestones.


Mykidz app is an app that helps you capture and record all your child’s info from newborn to teens. It really is a perfect central hub for storing your child’s information and feeling like an organised parent. It’s easy to use and takes seconds to load info. You can also record information like birth plans and log breast feeds. I give it a 5/5 rating and really enjoy using it. It makes me feel more organised and had no guilt in throwing out some art work.. My only complaint is I didn’t discover it 4 years ago with my first pregnancy!

MyKidz App costs $2.49 and is available to download from the AppStore:MyKidz by Gina Elliott

Find out more about Mykidz App here:

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